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12 December
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Happy Monday!

If you've been a regular reader of mine for awhile... first off, THANK YOU! I'm so glad you keep coming back to see what I'm up to! Second, if you are a regular reader than you may have already seen my boho Christmas tree, I've been doing the boho theme for a couple of years now although it does change a little bit each year.

If you are a new reader... thank you to you too! I'm glad you want to hang out with me! 😃 And if you are new then this will be the first time you'll be seeing my Christmas tree... I hope you like it!

I thought it would be fun to not only share my tree with you but also share how you can create your own boho themed tree!

Create your own boho themed Christmas tree!

Boho is a shortened form of bohemian which to put simply means "Unconventional, as in behavior or taste" ( Boho doesn't conform to societal norms and is often focused on art... basically anything goes!! Yippee! That's my kind of decorating!

I'll show the steps I used to create my boho Christmas tree and below each section I'll share some similar products that I found to help you create your own tree. You can click on the item pictures to see where to buy.

1. Lights, Garland, and Banners

Start with lights of course and then some garlands and/or banners. I made the Merry Christmas banner with large foam letter stamps and vintage player piano music roll pieces.

I found the glittery arrow and feather garland at Hobby Lobby last year.

Here are some fun garlands I found that would also be pretty on a tree.

And player piano roll and stamps if you want to create your own banner like mine.

2. Ornament Sets

I think it's nice to have a few matched sets of ornaments, it helps with cohesion and looks like you actually planned it instead of just throwing a mish-mash of junk on the tree!

Boho always includes feathers!! I made some fun feather clips for my tree last year with feathers and old hair clips. You can see how I made them at the end of last year's boho tree post here: Boho-ho! A Boho Themed Christmas Tree!

These paper feathers were from the dollar spot at Target.

And the pine cone ornaments are from Hobby Lobby.

Here are some similar items I found for a similar vibe.

And some hair clips and feathers if you want to make your own feather clips like mine.

3. Meaningful or Handmade Ornaments

My tree has lots of handmade ornaments... like these stars or flowers that I made from toilet paper tubes and vintage buttons.

These tiny snow globes that I made from baby food jars, fake snow, and bottle brush trees and tiny deer figurines.

Birds I made from book pages and glitter...

And this adorable little snowman my mom painted for me! Be sure to check out her Etsy shop: Tole-tally Painted.

I love the little camp trailer ornaments because I have a vintage trailer! You push one of the tree lights into the bottom of this one and the windows light up!

Here are some similar items:

Source: Doingourpart on Etsy
Source: QuenbyMountainLove on Etsy
Source: RedThreadUpcycles on Etsy

And here are some supplies if you want to make some little snow globes like mine.

4. Woodland Animal Ornaments

Cute woodland animals go well with the boho theme. I found this owl at Hobby Lobby, I love him!

And these mirrored squirrels were from the after Christmas sale last year at Target.

Here are some others I think are adorable!

5. Vintage

There is always room for a few vintage ornaments! This is one of my favorites.

6. Dream Catchers and Peace

These scream boho!

Some similar ornaments...

Once you've got all your ornaments on, add some faux fur as a tree skirt and voila! You've got an awesome boho Christmas tree!!

If you like a boho tree but you don't think the rest of your family will be as happy about it as you are you could always create a smaller version of this in another room of the house!

PS. I have included links to the products (or some like them) that I've used for your convenience. If you make a purchase from one of the links in this post I will earn a small commission but it will not cost you a penny more! Click here to see my full Disclosure Policy.
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  1. Nancy CarrollDecember 12, 2016

    Love your tree and the theme! It's fun getting ornaments out every year and reminiscing about where they came from, who made them, etc. And the tree always looks a little different, even if you use the same things.

  2. I love your boho tree, too cute! My home is nearly nary a decoration, I think I'll go buy our firs tree today. I need some thrifting time!

  3. Thanks! Oh boy, you do need to get some thrifting in!!



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