Vintage Ornament Box Dioramas

The weekend is finally here! Yippee!

Actually, my weekend started Wednesday afternoon when we were sent home from work early due to a winter storm heading in. Then Thursday work was called off completely and I have every Friday off anyway!

Sooo, while the snow has been falling outside, I've been inside enjoying some craft time and trying to squeeze in a few more Christmas projects before the big day arrives!

Today I'm sharing some fun dioramas I made with vintage ornament boxes!

make cute vignettes with old ornament boxes

Christmas dioramas made with vintage ornament boxes

I've been saving these old ornament boxes for a couple of years now and I'm so happy I finally had time to create these cute dioramas!

I made two small ones with miniature ornament boxes and three large ones with regular size ornament boxes.

The small ones started out like this...

I took out the parts with the holes that held the ornaments and added some cute scrapbook papers to the backs.

Then I added some little trees and houses in the form of more scrapbook papers and some bottle brush trees.

The little snowman couple is actually a gift tag. I folded the bottom under and used it for a tab to glue it to the box. And I added a bow and tiny glittered candy cane to the box front.

And for this one I added a little deer and snow, made from a cotton ball. I added some tiny boxes I made with the parts that I removed from the boxes to elevate the items so you can see them once the box tops are on. And I added part of a vintage lapel pin to the box top on this one.

I put the lids back on, added some ribbon hangers and bells on the bottoms and these little cuties are finished!!

I also added a silver tinsel pipe cleaner around the opening edge on this one.

And I glittered the Poinsettias on this one!

Here is how one of the larger box dioramas started...

Scrapbook paper on the back...

Put the ornament separators back...

Add a bunch of festive do-dads and you have a cute shadow box display!

Another one got vintage wrapping paper on the back.

Bottle brush trees with tiny vintage ornaments and a little Putz house make a cute scene.

This one also got vintage wrapping paper although I forgot to take a picture before I created the diorama. Oops!

I added red pom-pom trim to the open parts of the box and then nestled a vintage Santa ornament inside with a little wooden package and tree.

These were super fun to make and I had fun gathering up all the bits and bobs to go inside! I picked up many of the items I used inside the boxes from one of the vendors at the antique mall where I have my booths. She has great prices on things! And I had a lot of the stuff already 😃

I think the small ones are my favorite, they are small enough to use as an ornament on the tree too!