Antique Mall Booth Refresh

I recently did a little refresh in my spaces at the antique mall, it always feels a little underwhelming after all the Christmas hype so I like to try and give it a mini makeover. When you rearrange things it sometimes feels like all new stuff!

Antique mall booth

We'll start with my small, colorful space.

It felt a little "all over the place" in here so I tried to group things by color, that way if you have a red kitchen you'll be more likely to notice something you like or if you collect green Pyrex that's easier to find in one place 😄

On the top of this cabinet I put my mom's red breadbox and opened it up and displayed some things inside, flour sifters on top, and some red cook books next to it. The shelf directly below has some more red stuff with a touch of yellow!

The next two shelves have blue items.

And then green and brown below that.

On the next shelf over I did the same color grouping.

With red on the top...

Pink and green below that.

The next shelf is not color coded, just salt and pepper shakers all grouped together. The shelf below is yellow and black.

Across the way, in my larger, more neutral space...

I added half of an old steamer trunk that I found at Goodwill awhile back. The trunk was basically ruined because someone had mutilated one of the locks trying to get it open, it had a big hole in the trunk where the lock was.

I was able to separate the halves of the trunk with the help of my dad and I brought the drawer side to my booth as a fun way to display blankets and linens! The other half is still in the garage waiting for a makeover.

I spray painted some tumbleweeds white and gold and put them on top of the ladder for another fun touch.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour! Oh! And if you've seen my booths before you may have noticed that the green kitchen hutch finally sold! Yippee!