DIY Duvet from a Bedspread

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I'm in the midst of a makeover of my bedroom even though I just did a makeover last year... in fact last January! I liked that look for awhile but I think it was a little too bright and colorful for me, I prefer more neutrals. You can see the first makeover here: Master Bedroom Redo - The Big Reveal.

The only things I've purchased so far are the paint for the walls and a vintage chenille bedspread. I'm on the lookout for a lowboy dresser but that's the only other thing I plan to purchase, I'll be reusing much of the decor I had in new ways or with new coats of paint and shopping my own home for other things.

I bought the chenille bedspread because I wanted to give my bed a new look... BUT I already have a grey pin-tuck comforter that my mom got me last year for Christmas and it's so warm and cozy. Soooo... I decided to use the bedspread I bought to make a duvet to go over the comforter. That way I can easily switch back to the comforter when I get bored with the chenille... which I know I will... I'm finicky that way!!

How to make a duvet from a vintage bedspread

Let me show you how I made it!

This is the Etsy listing from the shop I purchased it from, Wheel Deal Antiques.

The first thing I did was to cut off the fringe... don't worry, I'll be reattaching it!

It was a little nerve wracking to cut up a beautiful vintage bedspread, especially since I wasn't entirely sure this would work out like I envisioned it! 😨

Next I needed to lay it out flat to make sure it would fit my comforter and pin the fringe and backing fabric on. I had a heck of a time finding enough space to lay out a queen size bedspread!! I finally found a spot in my living room after moving a couple of chairs out of the way.

Test fitting the comforter...

I used two full size white sheets, which I already had and wasn't using, to create the back (of course it would have been easier to just use a queen size sheet but I don't have one that I don't use and didn't want to go buy one, so I made do!) I cut one sheet exactly in half and then used a strip off the second sheet to piece in a center strip to make it the right size.

Then I pinned the bedspread and sheet backing fabric together, right sides together, with the fringe sandwiched inside. You can see I left a little bit of fabric along the edge of the fringe when I cut it off so that I would have a seam allowance to attach it with.

A duvet usually has the opening for the comforter at the bottom so any buttons or zippers won't rub on your face while you're sleeping. So, since mine was going to have fringe I attached that along the two sides and the bottom edge where the opening is. The top, where my head will be is just the chenille and sheet. I hope that makes sense.

I also added ribbon ties to the inside, top two corners of the duvet and the top two corners of the comforter. I saw this on Martha Stewart... you can then tie the comforter to the inside of the duvet to keep it in place! Genius!

Now it's time to put the comforter inside the duvet. I found this site which has videos with three ways to do this. I used the first method (The traditional way) but the California roll method is awesome!

Source: Crane and Canopy
Here it is all finished! I love how it turned out... WHEW!

Luckily I didn't need to add buttons or a zipper closure, the edge of the bedspread is longer on the bottom and the comforter doesn't show at all and the ties mentioned above keep it from sliding out!

If you missed my post on creating a cozy bed, check that out here: Sundays are for Staying in... Creating a Cozy Bed.

Aside from the initial figuring out part and maneuvering the mountains of fabric through my sewing machine, this was a fairly simple project! What do you think?

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