Half Bath Redo - The Happiest Floors on the Block

This is a sponsored post.

Are you ready to see the happiest floors on the block?! Last time I showed you my half bath, Half Bath Redo - A Recap & A Sneak Peek, I shared a sneak peek of what I was planning to fix the floors.

Well, I got those done and today I'm sharing!

Self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles from Mirth Studios

When I first saw these self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles from Mirth Studios on Pinterest it was love at first sight! 😍 They use the same material that was developed for outdoor signage and vehicle wraps and print their beautiful designs on it! So these are heavy-duty, I've even seen them used outdoors on a porch!

I immediately thought of my floor challenge in my half bath and thought this might work so I reached out to the company and they were nice enough to sponsor this post by giving me enough flooring to do my floor and share my review and results with you guys!

These come in 12" x 12" tiles (1 square foot per tile) and you just start in one corner of your room, peel the backing off and carefully lay down each tile.

This is what the back looks like after you peel the backing off, these bad boys are nice quality, they are thick and strong, I didn't have any issues with tearing or creasing.

They are removable... I know because I had to pull a few up and reposition them several times! On their website they say the adhesive is not very sticky but I beg to differ! They stick really well no matter how many times they are repositioned but at the same time they pull up easy... I don't know how but it's true!

When I got to the heater vent I went right over the top and then used a razor blade to cut out the hole. When it came time to go around the toilet I used some of the paper backing pieces and made templates.

Now here is the whole reason I wanted to try these self adhesive tiles, I had a hole after we removed the original vanity where the flooring didn't continue.

We filled in with a piece of plywood to make it level with the rest of the floor.

And I caulked to fill in the gap (no, that's not a super bad caulking job, this was before I smoothed it all out!)

I re-caulked around the toilet and got a nice, new floor vent (the other one was rusty and gross) and I now have the happiest floor on the block!

You can barely tell that there is a difference in the flooring under the sink!

My baseboards have just enough space under them that I was able to use a putty knife and push the vinyl under them so you can't see the tile edges at all.

I really like how my chippy vintage dresser vanity looks against the crisp new floor now!

One tip I have is to make sure your floors are clean! I vacuumed and mopped but there were still a couple of teeny-tiny little pieces of who knows what... I couldn't even see them but once the tile was on it I could. One of my super curly hairs fell off my head too and I could see the ringlet right through the vinyl tile! But no worries, just pull it up and remove the debris, good as new!

I have a couple more small projects to finish and then I'll share the final half bath reveal!

Thank you to Mirth Studios for providing the tiles for this project!

Here is a link to the tiles I used: Flower Folk Peel & Stick Decorative Tiles

They have wooden floor tiles too that are also removable, they can be used for dance floors, weddings, or how about a booth in an antique mall, hmmm! Portable Temporary Floors

And of course both the self-adhesive vinyl and the portable wood floors are PERFECT for renters!

**UPDATE!! You can see the final reveal here: Half Bath Makeover Reveal**

PS. I have included links to the products that I've used for your convenience. This product was provided to me for free but all opinions are my own! Click here to see my full Disclosure Policy.