Happy New Year!

01 January
I'm ready to welcome in 2017 how about you?

We worked on some New Years displays in the front window of the antique mall where I have my booths yesterday. It was a lot of fun to put these together, we get to "shop" all the booths at the mall for the items we use and it gives people ideas for how to use some of the great vintage finds they can find at our mall too!

New Years display ideas
The first display we did was this table. We went with the traditional silver and gold color scheme which also allowed us to still use the little silver tinsel tree.

We gathered up a bunch of champagne glasses, the gold ice bucket and decanter, and some gold garland, candles, and little bells.

And our lady friend got a sparkly vintage dress too!

Then we did the display in the window.

We couldn't find any vendors that had numbers to use so I just drew some on old book pages with a Sharpie. Then we found a bunch of old clocks and cameras and some books to stack things on.

This is a picture I took from outside, in front of the store. I thought it was kind of cool that my camera focused on the reflections of the trees and the rest is out of focus.

Happy New Year everyone!!

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  1. Your displays are fantastic! I want that little silver tinsel tree very badly!!! The other display in the window with the clocks and cameras is wonderful! It looks like you had some great fun.

    Some deer were in front of our house the other day when it was dark. I tried to get a photo. All I got was a reflection of the rest of the kitchen where I was sitting. I couldn't even pick out one deer! But, yours looks great...just enough out of focus to make someone want to come in and look at something up close.

    Best wishes to you in the new years. I look forward to seeing more posts. Fonda

  2. Very cute styling! I too love the lights from outside. I've always wanted to use book pages to cover a wall area, but never got around to it yet. Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you Brenda!


  4. Hi Fonda, unfortunately the little tree is display only for the store :o( We did have a lot of fun creating the displays. I think its great how you can see one little clock, for example, in someones booth at the mall and it isn't anything but a little old clock, but pick several up from other booths to go with it and you have a really cute collection!

    Too bad about the picture of the deer. The picture I took was purely an accident!

    Happy New Year!



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