Living Room Refresh

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I am not one of those people who can make many permanent decorating decisions like mounting a television on a wall or attaching a faux headboard on the wall.

Nope, I am waaay to flighty for those semi-permanent decisions! Since I've lived in this house (2 years now!) I've moved the living room around about six or seven times! That translates to me rearranging the living room every three to four months!

Well, impulsivity took over and I moved my living room around once again!

Eclectic living room refresh

I moved my electric fireplace to the wall that the couch used to sit on. The louvered door behind the TV is covering a hole in the wall that was left from when I had the wood stove taken out. I still haven't fixed it **sigh**

This little pig basket was a thrift store score before Christmas. He is holding some arrows, another thrift store score.

Isn't he cute?!

Some old windows and glass bottles sit on the window seat.

The windows that I hung to act as a sort of entry way divider are still there. I almost had a panic attack when I moved the couch over here and realized I couldn't easily move the windows without patching holes in the ceiling... see why I don't normally do more permanent things like this now?!

I decided that they still look ok though so I'm ok.

I made the wall hanging here: DIY Boho Yarn Wall Hanging

A faux cow hide rug similar to mine can be found here: Cow Print Rug 4.1x4.2 Feet faux Cow hide rug Animal printed area rug carpet for home

This little vintage drawer unit acts as a little end table between the chair and couch.

I switched out the padded bench that was here with my hope chest that I made over here: Cedar Hope Chest Makeover.

Sometimes I am drawn to weird things that no one else wants at garage sales and thrift stores... like these faux cactus plants! I just love them... and no watering (not that you have to water cactus' much anyway)!

This little Mid-Century table was a cast off from my daughter's move. I am using it for a table to drop my keys and purse when I come in.

I put the horse picture back in the grey square on the wall. You can read the post about the grey square here: Color Blocking a Wall To Frame a Picture.

This bookcase was being used as a sofa table for awhile by lying it down on it's side and using the shelves as a top. It's back to bookcase duty now!

The tutorial for this sign is here: DIY Union Jack Sign.

Remember my Repurposed Fish Tank?

The record player can be found here: Crosley CR8005A-TU Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable, Turquoise

This table was over by the door, under the hanging windows.

This funny basket was my grandma's. I have no idea what it was but I like it! I filled it with a wooden bead strand and a candle.

You can find the articulated hand here: Wooden Sectioned Opposable Practice Art Mannequin Hand for Artists, Right Hand (3.5 x 12 inches)

And for a couple of cute little accents...

Pongo perched on "his" spot on the couch!

And a vintage snail planter (another cast off from my daughter) repurposed as a remote caddy!

As I'm sitting here writing this post I realized that almost everything in this room is thrifted or handmade, I think the only things I purchased new are the larger items like the couch, the brown chair, the electric fireplace, shelving unit, and TV... oh, and curtains and rods.

Here's a panoramic shot of the whole room. The couch used to be over where the TV sits now.

Do you like to move your rooms around a lot or do they stay as is most of the time?

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