Store Window Display Ideas

I dream of some day owning my own little shop where I can sell vintage and handmade. I have so many ideas in my head for how I would display things and how my little shop would look. In the meantime though, I have the next best thing which is my own little space (or two) in an antique mall!

I work at the antique mall on Saturdays to help pay my space rent and sometimes I get to help with the window displays which I think it so much fun! Last Saturday we took down the New Year's window displays and created some new ones!

Window displays at an antique mall

We wanted to create some displays that would work for Valentine's Day but could easily be transitioned into spring too.

This is my display I worked on. The table and the doors and mannequin were already there.

I had a lot of fun shopping all the vendor's booths to pull items for my display... shopping without money and without cluttering up my house!!

I found some pink and red aprons to display on the doors and one for the mannequin to go over her June Cleaver dress!

The bread box, pink doilies on top of the bread box, and the red Cooking Magic cook book are from my space. I think it's funny that one of the vendors even had a loaf of bread!! ha! They are actually book ends!

The other window display is the one you can see from the street. I didn't do much to help with this space except help take all the old stuff out and move the furniture in.

It is set up to resemble a cozy little apartment.

I found the For Rent sign in the bottom of a drawer behind the cash register when I was looking for twine to hang something. We thought it was perfect for this display!

This is the view from outside.

This shot is taken with the panoramic setting so you can see the fireplace in the "apartment" too!

Maybe one day I'll get to have a little store of my own, but until then my job at the antique mall is my fun job where I get to pretend! 😉