Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

21 February
Hello, Happy Tuesday! It's been quite awhile since I've shared for Treasure Trove Tuesday but today I finally have a few things to share!

If you're new here, Treasure Trove Tuesday is where I share what I've found while out thrifting. Most of the treasures I find are for resale either in one of my booths at the antique mall or one of my Etsy shops, Little Vintage Cottage and Little Boho Cottage. I share what I paid for each item as well as my opinion regarding their value (what I can resell each item for).

So let's see what I found this time!

Thrifting finds

I love the uniqueness of this nesting chicken bowl, I've never seen one with gold details have you?

Price $1.50, Value $16 - $18

I have been collecting these tin souvenir platters, this one is from Idaho. I'm not sure yet if I'll sell them individually or as a set. I think a set would be cool but I'm not sure how much of a market there would be for an entire set!

Price .99 cents, Value $3 - $5?

I have confessed my obsession with creamers before (gravy boats too)! This one is marked "Noritake Hand Painted, Made in Japan".

Price $1.50, Value $6 - $8

I just love them but they really aren't great sellers in my space at the antique mall. They have been doing better though since I started displaying them like this!

A bunch of old photographs! I found all of these at the same thrift shop and I managed to get a bundle deal on these!

Price $5, Value $2 - $4 each.

Isn't this tea towel cute?! It's made of linen and has the recipe for Irish Coffee printed right next to the adorable little elf! It would be cute hanging from a bar cart or used as part of some St. Patrick's Day decor!

Price $1.00, Value $16.50 (it is listed in my Etsy shop here: Vintage Linen Tea Towel)

These are not old, they are part of Kelly Rae Roberts' line of products. We are allowed to have a small amount of new items in our booths at the antique mall so I think these will be cute since spring is on the way.

Price $1.50 each, Value $8 - $10 each.

I thought this little bird salt and pepper set was adorable, I love his little plaid hat!

Price $2.50 for the pair, Value $7 - $9

And here's another cut set, a souvenir from Houston, Texas.

Price $3.50 for the set, Value $8 - $10

Books are always a good seller at the antique mall.

Price - two on the outside were $2 each and the one in the middle was $1, Value $12 - $14 each.

The tan book is copyrighted 1900...

...and this inscription is on the inside page.

This is the sweet inside of the music book.

And it is copyrighted 1927.

I've had good luck with these wooden poem plaques in my Etsy shop so this will probably end up there.

Price .99 cents, Value $6 - $8

I found two baggies of vintage silverware. I think it would be cool to have all of my silverware be vintage mismatched pieces so I am adding these to my own collection!

Price $7 for all of this, Value - I'm keeping!

I thought this hammered tray was beautiful! Just look at the details in the embossed design and those handles!

Price $3.99, Value $20 - $22

And here's another little embossed metal bowl, it would be great for candy!

Price $2.99, Value $14 - $16

A small vintage fan... and it works too!

Price $4.99, Value $18 - $20 (it was hard to put this one in my booth... I may have to take it back if it sits for very long!)

This is the center cap marking.

I love the size of this little oven proof bowl, I'm holding it in my hand in this picture so you can see how small it is!

Price $3.99, Value $16 - $18

This nesting geese measuring cup set is plastic but it captured my heart!

Price $3.99, Value $16 - $18

I'm sure everyone has seen these vintage tea sets before.

I like finding a complete set in the box like this. I read in a magazine once that someone uses sets like these for little girls' birthday parties, isn't that a sweet idea?! And when they are in the box like this they stack so nicely and don't take up much space at all!

Price $3.99, Value $18 - $20

And vintage Pyrex is H.O.T. at the antique mall. Awhile back someone paid over $200 for a nesting bowl set!

I haven't seen too many square ones!

Price $2.99 each, Value $12 - $14 each

So that's it for this week's TTT, I'm hoping to have more to share as the weather gets nicer and yard sale season approaches!

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  1. Melissa StanleyFebruary 21, 2017

    Love the S&Ps, books, pyrex, and old fan! ALSO loving how you have your creamers displayed. I need to find an old rack like that!

  2. Wow! That was a treasure trove for sure. I love the aluminum pieces, and the geese measuring cups are so sweet.

  3. It seems to be working well to display the creamers and gravy boats this way!


  4. And I found most of it at ONE thrift shop!!


  5. Ruth Anne ButerbaughFebruary 21, 2017

    Love the glass snack set--I have some from my mother that I just love, so I won't be selling them in my shop space. You amassed a lot of treasures!

  6. I love those little snack sets too, especially when they are still in the box!



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