DIY Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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It seems as if everywhere I look lately I keep seeing those beautiful plants with the adorably cute name, Fiddle Leaf Figs!

I see them in magazines, on my favorite blogs, and all over Pinterest. From what I've read they seem to be a little bit finicky and hard to keep alive and on top of that EXPENSIVE!

While most of my house plants are in good shape (except for the String of Pearls plant... R.I.P 😡 dear Pearl) they are plants that almost no one can kill (spider plant, philodendron, jade plant, cactus) you know, your basic house plants. So I'm not OK with dropping that kind of money for something that might not make it.

But I was browsing around Michael's craft store the other day when I came across a faux Fiddle Leaf Fig for about $8 on sale! At that point, I knew I could have the beautiful plant with the adorably cute name without the stress!

Make your own faux Fiddle Leaf Fig without the expense!

These are my basic supplies, the Fiddle Leaf, Plaster of Paris, an empty coffee can, and the basket I shared for Treasure Trove Tuesday. I also used some Sheet Moss that is not pictured.

I cut slits in the plastic coffee can lid. I thought this would help keep the plant upright and straight while it was drying.

Mix up the Plaster of Paris right in the coffee can following the directions (2 parts POP, 1 part water).

Put the lid back on and stick the Fiddle Leaf down through the hole all the way to the bottom of the can. Leave it to dry, it only takes about 30 minutes.

Once it is set, put the coffee can into the basket.

Fill up the area inside the basket, around the can with something just to take up the space. I used some of those dreaded plastic bags that I'm trying to rid from my life!

Layer the sheet moss over the bags to camouflage and make it look like it's actually planted.

I wanted to dress up the basket a little bit. I used some left over yarn.

And just wrapped it around the top part of the basket and made two little tassels for the handles!

And voila, I have my very own Fiddle Leaf Fig that is virtually indestructible!

Here is what a real one looks like. This one belongs to Heather from The Decor Fix.

Source: The Decor Fix
I think it turned out pretty cute, what do you think?

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