Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

28 March
I hit one of our local Goodwill's over the weekend and found some treasures to share today for Treasure Trove Tuesday... some to resell and some to keep for myself!

This weeks thrifting finds

Hmmm... what shall I share first?

The suspense is killing you, isn't it?! 😏

Ok, ok...

I love this painting, I think it will be the perfect candidate for a thrift shop flip similar to these and these!

Look at that sweet little bunny sitting all alone 😢

Price $3.99, Value $20 - $22 (after I alter it)!

These metal candle sconces will be listed in my Etsy shop, Little Boho Cottage.

Price $2.99, Value $14 - $16.

Vintage jewelry boxes are good sellers.

This one has such pretty blue interior.

And the original ribbon tag!

Price $3.99, Value $18 - $20.

This little guy just needed rescuing! I shouldn't have bought him because I already have one in my space at the antique mall that isn't selling... but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants, you know?! Maybe the two of them together will encourage a sale.

Price $2.99, Value $12 - $14.

This is such a pretty little tray.

I love the ornate handle!

It's marked "Farberware, Bklyn, N.Y." which translates to Brooklyn, New York.

Price $2.99, Value $16 - $18.

I found a couple of pieces of milk glass... this little hat is one.

Price $1.99, Value $14 - $16.

And this little dish is the other. It's hard to see how pretty it is in this picture.

Price $2.99, Value $14 - $16.

And an Ironstone platter!

Price $3.99, Value $14 - $16.

I bought these two pictures to add to the art supplies that I'll be selling in my space at the antique mall soon. The little scenes are so sweet.

Look at her playing all innocent. I can hear her now with her Southern Belle drawl, "Oh my, I do declare!"

Price .99 cents each, Value $4 - $5 each.

And now for the keepers...

I've been looking for a basket like this for a project I'm working on. I'll be sharing what I did with it soon!

Price $3.99.

I have a collection of these delicate white dishes, I now have a set of eight of these shallow bowls.

Price $3.99 for all three.

And now for my very favorite find of the day!! My mom is going to fall over I think because I'm pretty sure she had a set of these back in the day!!

I LOVE them!

Price  $8.97 for all six.

I love the amber colored glass, the elegant yet sturdy feel of them, and the size!

So all in all, I think this was a pretty good haul from GW, don't  you?!

Have you been to any good thrift stores lately?

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  1. Nancy CarrollMarch 28, 2017

    Flashback!! Yes, those glasses look awfully familiar!! They went with the set of gold colored dishes i had that we see at yard sales and thrift shops frequently!
    Lots of good finds----love the painting w/the bunny---it'll be cute w/a saying on it!

  2. Marion CollinsMarch 28, 2017

    What great finds.

  3. Thank you Marion!


  4. Yep, I remember the dishes... I do NOT see the need to have those though, only the glasses! lol!


  5. Melissa StanleyMarch 29, 2017

    Yes, it was a good haul!!

  6. I have the exact same jewelry box - same colors and everything. Mine is a music box too. I am in the middle of re-purposing it.

    How do you decide which items to sell at the booth and which ones to list on Etsy?

  7. Hi Kim. I try not to sell to much in my Etsy shop that is very fragile and/or hard to ship so the breakable things go to the antique mall and the stuff that is easier to ship goes into my Etsy shop. Sometimes I'll try something at the antique mall with the price I've sold it for on Etsy and it just won't sell so then I know I could make more profit on Etsy so those go there.



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