How to Transplant a Cactus

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Have you noticed how popular cactus plants are lately?

I have one I purchased at Fred Meyer as a teeny-tiny little baby a couple of years ago and it is really flourishing in the sunshine in my bathroom window 😊, In fact, it's doing so good that I thought I'd get another one!

I transplanted my new cactus today from the plastic pot it comes in, into a larger clay pot and while I was at it I thought I'd share how to transplant cacti, it's much easier than you would think!

Easily transplant cactus plants

Cacti need a slightly different potting soil than most other plants, this Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix is just what you need!

The only other things you'll need are the cactus, a new pot, some pea gravel, and a piece of newspaper.

First, put a layer of pea gravel in the bottom of the pot for drainage.

Now roll the newspaper up and wrap it around the cactus to use as a handle. The spines of a cactus grow from the inside of the plant out so don't worry about breaking them off, they are very sturdy!

Squeeze the plastic pot a few times and the cactus should lift right out! It helps if the soil is dry too.

Loosen the soil around the roots with your fingers. The roots of potted plants have a tendency to grow in circles from being in a small pot for so long and loosening the soil helps them re-route and grow in a healthier fashion.

Place the cactus in the new pot and add new soil around the edges. I find that using a large serving spoon works really well.

Now give Miss Prickles a drink of water to help her get settled into her new home!

It's very easy to transplant smaller indoor cacti using this method... outdoor plants or very large ones are a different story.

My last house had a two very large cactus plants in the front yard. I was trying to dig one of them up one day and I had my back to it. I bent over to pick up the shovel and stuck my butt right in that thing... OUCH!!! I was picking those spines out for about 20 minutes! They had little barbs on the end and didn't come out very easily!

Do you have any cactus plants in your decor?

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