The Perfect Boho Kitchen Accent - Vintage Colored Glassware

01 April
Remember last Treasure Trove Tuesday when I shared those awesome vintage amber glasses I found at Goodwill?

At the time I wondered if you'd see the beauty that I see... know how sometimes when you share something you've purchased and you are over-the-moon-excited about it and the look you get back is less than enthusiastic?

I hope that's not the case between you and I but juuuusssstttt in case it is, let me share just why I think these are the perfect beginning to a beautiful bohemian kitchen and dining experience!

Collect vintage colored glassware to set an amazing bohemian table!

Here are the glasses that I found in case you missed them.

As I stated in this post, The 5 Basic Elements of Boho Style, I haven't quite gotten the full bohemian experience that I am after in my home so I am working on that. I have those 5 basic elements and now I need to add all the glorious, collected, beautiful elements. That's the fun part, right?

I think sometimes the kitchen and dining room are a little bit forgotten, especially the kitchen. I want to collect more pretty colored glassware to give my kitchen some boho flair.

Look at these pictures and I think you'll see what I mean!

Here you have beautiful, colorful glasses as far as the eye can see from Rock N Roll Bride.

Source: Rock N Roll Bride
An entire cabinet full of them from Domino... drool 😍

Source: Domino
From Wedding Chicks.

Source: Wedding Chicks
I love this table setting from Cassie Bustamante.

Source: Cassie Bustamante
And yet another from Cassie.

Source: Cassie Bustamante
Wow, just look at all this mismatched goodness from Something Blue Magazine on Instagram!

Source: @somethingbluemag
And yet another beautiful example from Camille Styles.

Now, it's not like I am going to throw big parties with tables that go on for miles but I sure do love those colorful glasses! I want to fill my cupboards with them like I am going to throw fancy schmancy soirees!😁😁

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  1. Amanda WallaceApril 01, 2017

    Beautiful examples of a boho table, lots of inspiration for mine. Cant wait to see how you style your table. So when is the soiree? I am assuming its boho attire. ;)

  2. Ha Ha! Wouldn't that be so much fun if a bunch of blogging friends could have a big bash? I would love that! Maybe we could have a virtual party, and yes, definitely boho attire!


  3. Vicky HuntApril 01, 2017

    I love colored glassware. I have a few sets. The amber color is one of my favorites. Good luck hunting for them. That's the fun part! Happy Saturday!

  4. I would really love to find some green ones. Complete sets seem to be kind of hard to come by but maybe I can piece some together over time.


  5. I love all the colored glasses mixed in that cabinet. Sooo fun! I'm on the lookout for some aqua ones for my kitchen.

  6. Aqua and red would be great for your kitchen Tuula!


  7. i always love vintage glassware- thank you for sharing my table!

  8. My pleasure Cassie, I love both table settings!



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