Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

25 April
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Yard sale season is official open where I live, yippee!!

My mom and I went to a really gross, but pretty awesome estate sale Saturday morning. By gross I mean this house had been unlived in since the 1990's yet everything was still inside... and covered by not one, not two, but many, many layers of filth... dust, dirt, grime... and it smelled awful! There was one room that literally had a pathway through all the STUFF... it was AWESOME!!! 😍

I learned a couple of things at this sale... 1) take a reusable grocery bag or two into estate sales. We did not do that our first trip through (yes we went through twice) and my arms were too full after awhile to look at anything else! 2) put a small flashlight in my purse. There were some closets and cupboards that were too deep to easily see into the dark, cavernous recesses and I am not brave enough to stick my head and/or hands into the unknown like that!

Here are some of the things I found. I got all of this for less than $3.00. Some of it has already made its way into my booth at the antique mall so isn't included here. Hence, I will only be listing what I believe the value is for these items... just know that I paid mere pennies for each item!

Thrifting finds

A set of four Italian Florentine plaques and two round Italian plaques.

This is the tag on the back of one of the floral plaques.

And on the back of the small round plaques.

Value $10 - $15 for the set of four floral plaques, $6 - $8 for the set of two round plaques.

I found this German candy holder in the back of a basement closet full of paper plates and cups.

It still has the old Easter grass inside!

It says "Container made in West Germany" on the paper lining the inside of the egg.

You can see how big it is in this picture!

Value $10 - $12.

I am keeping this framed butterfly to add to my collection. I have a large shadow box full of 18 butterflies that someone preserved back in the 1950's and one individually framed... now two!

This was lying on the floor in the garage and the box was a few feet away from it.

Value $4 - $6.

These little cuties were sitting on a shelf above a 1950's refrigerator that still had some old food inside! ICK!

They are not marked. Value $4 - $6 each.

Lace trims... Value varies... anywhere from $2 - $10 each.

A large metal spoon like the one I used for this project: Thrift Shop Flip - Upcycled Faux Succulents Planter.

Value $14 - $16.

I also found lots of old paper ephemera to add to the ephemera packs I am putting together to sell in my booth.

Some vintage pictures.

And some Christmas wrapping paper and adorable cocktail napkins.

Value for the napkins $4 - $5. The rest will be added to packets of art supplies.

And one of my favorite finds of the day...

I love these old dry cleaner hangers! I was going through all the closets in this house looking for these... is it weird that I like them so much? I just think the graphics are so cool.

Value... I have no idea since I've never tried to sell any before. Maybe $1 - $2 each?

I also got an antique chair very similar to this one for just $10.00!! It's already in my booth at the antique mall.

So how do you feel about stinky, dirty estate sales? I think that's where you often find the best stuff!!

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  1. I Have never heard of anyone getting so much stuff for only $ 3.00. What a steal!

    I always take a huge shopping bag with me and my husband carries a flashlight. I think the older the house, the better!

  2. Melissa StanleyApril 25, 2017

    I love the stinky, dirty, cluttered estate sales. Not as many people are brave enough to dig. I can promise you I've dug through MUCH worse!

  3. Wow! You did Good!! I love pickin' and findin' too. I enjoy your Treasure Trove Tuesdays.

  4. I'm glad you enjoy the posts Vikki, I love sharing what I've found too!


  5. That's what I was thinking... people are woosies!! lol!


  6. I wish we would have gone on the first day, I heard the prices were still that good!


  7. You found some great stuff! Sometimes the dirtiest places yield the best finds. No garage sales here yet. Hopefully soon.


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