Antique Mall Booth Update - Artist's Supplies Addition

06 May
It's time, it's time! I finally opened the new artist's supplies section in my space at the antique mall! You remember... it's the thing I keep talking about for weeks now!

It sure was a lot of work to get it all packaged up and priced, that was the unpleasant part. The fun part was unpacking and arranging it all in my space!

My mom and I spent about four hours on Friday getting it all setup. It wouldn't have taken that long but in order to fit it all in we had to do a little rearranging in the booth which meant moving other furniture pieces around.

Art supplies for sale

First I want to show you the little tin roof I made to go over the table and highlight the art section.

I used some small 1 x 2's to create a simple frame.

Since this is a small piece and it will just hang from the pegboard in my booth it didn't need to be super sturdy which is why I chose to make it with smaller wood for the frame, it's lighter that way too!

I have a couple pieces of rusty corrugated metal that I've been saving for just the perfect project!

I cut it to size with my tin snips and attached it to the wood frame with screws.

And voila! Remember the song Love Shack by the B52's? I've got the line "tiiiiiin roof... rusted" playing over and over in my head!! Although, I think they had a whole different meaning for it 😁

Now that I had the roof done and almost everything priced and ready to go it was time to take everything down to the booth!

Here it is! I wrote "New Art Supplies Section" on the chalkboard wall with arrows pointing down on both sides.

I've been gathering up different containers to display things in... like the little brown suitcase on the left that now holds old photographs, postcards, and rubber stamps.

This hanging rack is my mom's, it worked perfectly for holding small packets of paper ephemera.

I bought this cool old box from one of the other vendors at the mall. It has two sliding drawers that are perfect for holding all kinds of art junque!

On top, we used a wire record holder for the larger ephemera packs.

An old divided suitcase thing acts as shelves on the table, a can that has been repurposed into a cute little box holds old air mail letters and stamp savers booklets, and a cute aqua wooden drawer that holds old patterns.

Baskets and bowls are handy for smaller things.

I put a chair in front of the table in case people want to sit and paw through things 😁

I wrote a little note on this chalkboard.

And this is an old metal cabinet door that I am using for an inspiration board. Right now we have pictures (clipped from a magazine) of what you can do with old cookie cutters. And of course, we have a bucket of cookie cutters to dig through below it!

Lots and lots of award ribbons...

I spruced one up a little bit with some book pages to spark the imagination!

We had one larger table and a smaller plastic table I bought at Walmart and we still had so much that we had to branch out to other areas of the booth!

I went to the Dollar Store and picked up some cute baskets that shoppers can use while they are here to corral all their vintage supplies.

I put some rolled up music sheets inside this little cone kind of like a little bouquet!

You may have noticed the book page wreath... it's the one I made here: Pottery Barn Knockoff Book Page Wreath. I have something fun to share that's related to that wreath...

I made little bundles of book pages... enough pages to make the same wreath...

I made pretty little cards to go with them.

They have a picture of the finished wreath and a link to go to (that takes you to my blog post) to learn how to make them. Ooooorrrrr....

Scan the QR code on the back of the card and it will take you directly to that tutorial post!!

I actually clapped when this idea turned out, I'm such a dork sometimes but I am so pleased with myself for this! I only got four packets made up but I plan to make some more.

Well, what do you think!?

I still have a few things to get priced to take in but the hardest part is done. Now it's just a matter of pricing things as I find and add them!

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  1. Nancy CarrollMay 07, 2017

    It looks like the best place to rummage around and be inspired! I think the whole set-up, starting with the rusty metal roof, will draw people over to that area.

  2. I hope so! I know I would be drawn in, I'd probably spend quite a bit of time there!!


  3. Amanda WallaceMay 07, 2017

    I love it! The chair for looking through things in comfort, the shopping baskets, the set up----all so beautiful and brilliant. I only wish I lived on the west coast so I could shop and buy. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. You are a very inspiring person.

  4. Aww, thank you so much Amanda, you're so sweet!! You just made my day :o)


  5. Your booth looks fabulous!! I would be in there in a minute. I used to have a booth in several antique malls, so I know how much work this takes. You definitely get an A+ !!!

  6. Thank you Vikki! It is a lot of work but fun at the same time... although I could see how after awhile a person might get burned out! How come you don't have your booths anymore?


  7. Oh Tania - I just love the whole set up. Very unique and inspiring.

    Now I have a question, all the tiny items that you are bagging up to sell - is it worth the time it takes to bag them and price them?

  8. I had to quit for health reasons. But I got to do it for 10 years and loved every minute of it. I think yours is so good, I would be drawn in right away. Keep up the good work!

  9. Thanks Kim! I'll have to give it some time before I can let you know if it was worth it or not. It definitely was a bit of initial work but from now on it'll be much easier to maintain.


  10. Oooh, well that sucks about the health issues, I'm sorry to hear that. Thank you so much for the sweet comments Vikki :o)


  11. Cecilia BramhallMay 09, 2017

    What fun! I love the tin roof that sets the area apart - super cute! I bet people will love looking through all the goodies. Best of luck with it. I think it's a wonderful idea!

  12. Melissa StanleyMay 09, 2017

    It looks absolutely great! I love the book page packets to make your wreath - what a GREAT idea!

  13. Thanks Melissa!


  14. Thanks Cecilia! I actually got the idea from another antique store I like to go to. She said she has really good luck selling to artists so I'm hoping that I can have the same sort of luck!!


  15. Debra PashkowskyMay 09, 2017

    I wish I could see the booth in person; It looks like a fun place to shop. And I want to steal your idea about the QR code!

  16. Thanks Debra, I wish you were closer too!


  17. I am curious how you tag and price all those tiny items? I LOVE this so much, but is it hard to price the items? 🙂

    1. Thank you! Many of the ephemera type things were put in little plastic bags and we just put a price sticker on those, for some other things like the greeting cards we just wrote the price on the back very lightly in pencil. And other things that had multiples and were all the same price, we just put a sign up (like .25 cents each) and then told the person at the front register what that price is. They write it on a little board next to the register so they can remember.


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