How To Create a Small Office Space When You Have No Space

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Think you have no space for a real office? Think again!! Today I'm sharing my new small office space I created in the corner of my dining room.

How to create an office in a small home

I have a laptop so a lot of the time I sit on the couch to do my computer work, in fact that's where I am now while writing this post!

But sometimes I like to sit at an actual desk... especially in the mornings on the weekend. I like to have a cup of coffee while I check emails and spend hours on quickly check Pinterest 😉

I decided to create my small office space in the corner of my dining room. I love it because I can also gaze out at my backyard that I worked so hard on last summer!

I do have a spare bedroom that I could fit an office space in but it doesn't have windows that I would be able to look out of if I were sitting at a desk... just boring white walls.

Sooo, here is my little office I created in the corner of my dining room.

I used the Recycled Farmhouse Table I made from a dining room table I found in the dumpster. It was already in this corner of the dining room and was the perfect size for an office desk! I found the pretty mint green chair at Home Goods!

The Thrift Shop Flip - Oversized Bulletin Board I made hangs on the wall ready for notes and inspiration pictures! I think it really helps define the space don't you?

A cute chalkboard arrow clearly points out that this is my office! You can find a similar one here: Chalkboard Arrow.

I decided to try something a little different with the shelf I hung above the bulletin board and I hung it upside down!

I found the tall ceramic cactus at Hobby Lobby and the smaller one at TJ Maxx. There are similar ones here: Ceramic Cactus.

I saw this idea for using a glass jar on Pinterest but do you think I can find it now?? Noooo 😒

Anyway... I save all my receipts for items I've purchased for resale and supplies I purchase for my business for tax purposes. This is a great way to organize them and keep them all in one place. At the end of the month, I pull them all out and update my books for the month.

I found this metal, wall hanging file keeper at Home Goods and some cute pink file folders in the Dollar Spot section at Target to organize my bills and filing.

There are similar items here: 2 Pocket Wall File Holder and here: Gray 2 Tier Wall Storage Baskets and some awesome files here: Flamingo Pink File Folder Set!

A Skinny Waste Can... cause you gotta have a trash can in an office!

I left the pretty white macrame plant hanger in the corner.

I found this inspirational calendar at TJ Maxx, (man! I think I need to stay out of TJ, Home Goods, and Marshalls for awhile! In my defense though, I did not go on a big shopping spree, I bought all of these things at different times over a few months time).

I'm using the ceramic insulator that I shared in one of the TTT posts as a paper weight.

The notepad is from Target's Dollar Spot. I use it to quickly jot down ideas for blog posts when inspiration hits!

Along with the cute pencils!

Everyone NEEDS an adorably cute pencil holder... also from Target (but not the Dollar Spot section)!

I found these arrow paper clips at Michael's and put them in a vintage dish. Similar here: Arrow Paper Clips

If you don't have an office and think you don't have room for one, I encourage you to think outside the typical office box, look around and see if you have a corner somewhere where you could create a nice little office space.

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