Pottery Barn Knockoff Book Page Wreath

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Years ago, and I mean yeeeaaarrrs... like 7 or 8 years by now, Pottery Barn had a wreath in one of their catalogs. It was made with book pages but it was different than most book page wreaths I'd seen and it wasn't for sale 😞 Not that I could afford anything from Pottery Barn anyway!

So, what's a girl to do when something catches your eye and you can't purchase it anywhere? DIY it of course! I did make that wreath way back when... I even did a tutorial here on the blog. But like a bunch of my posts awhile back, I lost it.

Fast forward to now, I still have that wreath I made. I decided it was time to recreate that tutorial so you can make one if you want to!

DIY Book Page Wreath Pottery Barn Style!
For this wreath you will need:
Begin by creating your wreath form. I traced a large lid onto a piece of scrap cardboard to create the circle shape. Square would be unique too!

Then trace a smaller circle and cut that out to create the center opening for your wreath.

Use Mod Podge to cover one side of the wreath form with book pages, this will be the back of your wreath when you are finished.

Trim the pages flush with the edges.

Gather up your book pages, the wreath form, and a hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks. Make sure that you attach the book pages that will create the wreath to the unfinished side of the form.

Begin attaching the pages by folding them in half (do not crease them though!) and gluing the edges down to the wreath.

Continue adding more, in the same manner, moving around the wreath form. Make sure to follow the curve of the form by placing the bottom of each page you attach slightly further away than the top, this will create a nice circular pattern.

Roll some book pages up and secure with glue.

Add the rolled up page between some of the others you have added by adding a stripe of glue...

 ...and squeezing the rolled up page in between, pushing down into the glue.

Continue adding pages like this around the wreath.

Cut some of the pages in half to get varying sizes. This adds texture and interest.

You can see here how some are short, some are long, some stand up higher and some lower. Also, do not line up the edges, they should be random.

Here you can get creative and add pages with different methods.

Add some over the top of others, roll some up tightly, others looser.

Keep adding more until your wreath starts to fill out.

Keep going until you've used up all the pages!

You can see I rolled up more and stuck them inside others, it should look full!

You can trim up those that you think stick out too far.

Once you are satisfied with how it looks, flip it over.

Add a ribbon of your choice, attaching it with glue. Hint: it will look better with a chunky ribbon, not too thin!

There you go!! It's finished!

You can leave it as is or add something else to it... rolled ribbon roses with the same color ribbon would be cool!

I love how textural and unique this looks.

And it's about the cheapest form of home decor you can find right?!

For my friends that have a space in an antique mall, I think this would be so cool hanging above a shelf of vintage books you have for sale!! What do you think?

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