Trash to Treasure Chair

Are you a dumpster diver or curbside furniture shopper? I want to be but there are two problems... 1) not a lot of people put old furniture out on the curb where I live... or if they do I don't know about it and 2) I am too embarrassed and scared to do it alone, I need a partner in crime!

BUT... one day on my way to work I saw a chair sitting next to some garbage cans. I go to work super early and it was still dark and not many other people are up and about so I turned around and quickly put the chair in the back of my truck. You would have thought I was robbing a bank the way I was acting 😁😁

Sadly, when it got light outside and I went out to my truck to inspect my new chair I realized it had a broken leg 😢

I decided to try to fix it.

Repairing a chair with a broken leg

Here is the broken leg. Luckily it was a back leg and those were pretty straight... no spindles!

First I made a pattern by tracing the unbroken leg.

Then I carefully peeled back the upholstery. Speaking of upholstery, it was in near perfect condition so I wanted to save it.

Then I took the broken leg off and set to work trying to create a new one!

There we go!

Now it was time to put the upholstery back into place and stain the new leg to match.

It is not perfect but unless you know what has happened to this little chair it's hard to tell that this is a new leg.

It's such a sweet little chair. Had it not had such good upholstery I probably would have put it back on the curb but I had to at least try to fix it!

Here is a close-up of that pretty blue and white quilted fabric.

And the tufted back.

Pretty sweet don't you think? I took it down to my space at the antique mall today.