Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

Over the weekend I went on another little road trip to The Dalles, Oregon about 2 hours away and while I was there I could not pass up the opportunity to stop at a couple of their thrift shops 😊 and I wasn't disappointed!

This week's thrifting finds

I found a couple of things that will be listed in my Etsy shop, Little Boho Cottage.

This woven plate is pretty,

Price $2.99, Value $14 - $16.

Baskets like these look great grouped on a wall! This article at My Web Room Blog {Interior Design Trend: Baskets as Wall Decor} has lots of beautiful examples!

And this Virgin Mary picture is cool for a Bohemian home.

Price $1.29, Value $14 - $16

I also found a couple of linens and a pillow.

A small table cloth...

... with sweet embroidered bouquets of flowers...

... and cute ruffle trim!

Price .25 cents, Value  $8 - $10

And a pretty little tea towel...

...also with some pretty embroidery and lace trim.

Price .25 cents, Value $6 - $8

I love vintage pillows like these.

And this one still has the original tag!

Price .25 cents, Value $12 - $14

I loved the designs on this plate.

It is marked TST Co. which stands for Taylor Smith Taylor.

Price $1.29, Value $6 - $8

And this pretty little number fuels my fixation for gravy boats!!

This one is marked, W.S. George.

Price $1.29, Value $8 - $10.

A pretty pink glass dish.

Price .99 cents, Value $4 - $6

I have a couple of dishes with this pattern in my space at the antique mall already, I was hoping the larger one in this picture would nest inside one I already have but it doesn't. Oh well.

Price $2.00 each, Value $4 - $5 each

And I loved this colorful rooster platter.

Marked "Eastern China Co."

Price $2.99, Value $102- $14

These mirrored vanity trays always sell well.

Price $1.29, Value $14 - $16

An adorable lion earring holder.

Price $2.00, Value $8 - $10

Liquor decanters are also a good seller, I use one to give my mouthwash a little blingy importance! 😁

Price $3.99, Value $16 - $18

And finally, some more paper ephemera to add to the new artist's section at my space. (To answer your question... no, I haven't gotten that section of the booth set up yet but this Friday my mom and I are revamping the booth and adding it all so stay tuned!)

Price $3.00 for all, Value $1 - $2 each

That's it for this week's edition of TTT, did you see anything you like?