1970's Gothic Style End Table Makeover

I am in the process of recreating my living room to create a cozy eclectic bohemian retreat which means I'm in full-on thrifting mode to find pieces to create the look I'm after!

Truth be told I'm pretty much always in full-on thrifting mode since I buy to resell but I usually try to control myself when it comes to buying things for myself!

I stopped at Goodwill a couple of days ago and saw an ugly little end table in the furniture section. It didn't have a price so when I got up to the register I asked how much. They said $9.99... I thought about it for a minute but the guy behind me was looking a little irritated since they had to call for a price check and I couldn't quickly make up my mind so I left it behind.

I couldn't stop thinking about it so the next day I went back and it was still sitting there... still with no price! I picked it up and asked if they would take any less since one piece was a little loose. So, I got it for $8.99.  **whispering** I probably would have paid twice that... shhhhh!! 😉

As soon as I got it home I started the makeover!

An ugly 1970's table gets a sweet makeover!

I'm calling this a Gothic style end table, I'm not sure if this style has an official name or not but I Googled 1970's Gothic furniture and this resembled a lot of the results that came up, so Gothic it is!!

You can see it's an octagon shape with 4 legs and an amber glass insert... and it was in need of a makeover BAD!

Four of the eight sides are plastic, the other four are wood and the top and legs are wood. These with the details that look like little arches are the plastic parts.

I sanded it all down and then painted it with plain white, satin spray paint! There are far too many crevices and details on this for a brush paint job. It could be done but ain't no one got time for that!

Ahhh, the power of white paint!

I distressed it too by just sanding over the edges and raised parts.

I love how it turned out, it will fit right in with my crazy eclectic style!

It took about three cans of spray paint! Sheesh, that dried out old wood really soaked it up!

Side note... have you seen the new issue of Bohemian Home yet? Be still my heart...😍

What do think of this little table now? Would you have passed it by at the thrift store?

Side note #2... regarding recreating my living room... I posted a picture on Instagram of a new shelf I got at an estate sale a few weeks ago but I haven't shared it here yet!

Want to see? When I walked over to it and told my mom, who was with me, that I loved it she just looked at me, shook her head and said "I worry about you" 😁

Here it is!

I bet a lot of people remember these!

It was day two of the estate sale but I guess no one else sees the beauty because it was still sitting there... and day two means HALF OFF YO!! So, it was only $15!

The gothic end table replaced this stack of suitcases which I repurposed as storage in my craft room...

And the shelf replaced this one which has gone to the garage.

I'm excited with how the living room is evolving, I have a few more projects and then I'll be able to share how it looks.