DIY Wainscoting with Wall Art Wall Decor

01 June
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Once upon a time, there was a small, ugly little half-bath. It got gutted and relieved of its ugly, dated 1980's remodel.

It got a fresh new paint job and then a new sink and vanity and a pretty tile backsplash. But it was still kind of sad, it seemed nothing could be done with its floors. Finally, one day, it got new floors and they were the happiest floors on the block.

But something was still missing. Finally, that missing something was discovered and now the little half-bath is as happy as can be! 😄

I know I've said it before but I am finally... finally ready to reveal my half-bath! Today I am sharing how I gave this bath a special wall treatment and then after that, I will share the whole reveal! Pinky swear!! 😁

When a company called CSI Wall Panels reached out to me and asked me if I'd like to try these decorative, molded panels I wasn't exactly sure where I could use them. But then I saw these...

And I knew right then that I wanted to use these in my half-bath... the four leaf design matches the floors! 

I was given a box of these panels for no charge in exchange for a review. As it turns out the panels that I picked were from Wall Art Wall Décor. All opinions are my own.

The box includes enough 20" x 20" panels to do a 3' x 9' area so I decided to create wainscoting on the wall opposite the sink. 

This wall has been a pain in my butt because of that old wall heater.

I removed the one in my other bathroom and created a magazine rack out of the hole in the wall that was left after removing it because it was right next to the toilet. But in this bathroom, it is not near the toilet and it seems like a strange place for a magazine rack! I just couldn't come up with anything else that I wanted to tackle.

To remove the heater, I found the (unmarked) breaker that controls it, marked it and shut it off, removed the front and insides of the heater, capped the wires, and then just covered over it with the panels! Problem solved!!

The panels I picked out are the Sweeps design. They are actually very hard and thick cardboard, and they are eco-friendly!

Since I chose the plant fiber option these would not work in an area that got lots of moisture. This is a bathroom but there is no shower so no moisture.

This is the backside of one of the panels.

And a close up of the back. The fronts are smooth.

These were super easy to install, anyone could do it! You just use construction adhesive on the flat areas and stick them right up! I started in the center of my wall and worked my way out.

And they are easy to cut too. Just mark it with a ruler and pencil.

And then you can cut them with scissors and/or a knife.

It took probably about an hour and a half (including the time to remove the heater).

Then I was left with a raw edge along the top that needed to be covered.

I made a quick trip to the hardware store and purchased some trim molding and a board for a new window ledge.

I used construction adhesive and a couple of nails for the trim boards.

Same thing for the window ledge. The old ledge was textured like the walls and hard to keep dust free so I'm very happy with the new smooth wood ledge.

I then painted the wall panels and the trim and window ledge the same color as the walls. It looks white but it's actually called Silver Lining.

Look! No more wall heater!!

I love the little oomph these panels give this little half-bath. You can see how they match the floor design in this picture.

My review:

  1. Eco-friendly options to choose from
  2. Available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, patterns, textures, and colors
  3. Lightweight and easy to install with just construction adhesive
  4. Paintable so you can match them to your decor
  5. Versatile, use them on an entire wall or create art with them in a smaller application
  1. The plant fiber option I chose would not be ideal for very moist areas such as bathrooms or kitchens.

I have written this review in exchange for free product. The review is my honest opinion. Click here to see my full Disclosure Policy.

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  1. whattarushJune 02, 2017

    Nice, new product. Thank you for showing us!

  2. You're very welcome, I'm glad you liked it! I can't wait to share the whole bathroom makeover!


  3. What a cool idea! and you did a great job! It was a simple answer to that heater problem. Can't wait to see the whole room.

  4. Thanks Vikki!! I'm so glad to have that heater gone!


  5. Thrifty Mom In BoiseJune 02, 2017

    Love this, very nice! Can't wait to see the reveal!!! :)

  6. Those wall panels have a retro look to them that I love. Very cool!

  7. Vicky HuntJune 03, 2017

    So retro! I love how well the panels match your gorgeous floor! Now I want to see the reveal!

  8. Thanks Vicky! I just posted the full makeover!



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