Half Bath Makeover Reveal

Finally... the moment you've been waiting for... I just know it! 😁 I'm ready to show my half bath makeover!

This has been a long time coming, I started this makeover waaay back in August of 2015. That's pretty embarrassing considering it's not even a whole room! 😳 Oh well, sometimes it takes awhile to get it just how you want it, am I right?!

I'll post links to all that's previously happened in this little space at the end so if you missed it, be sure to check those out.

A dated 1980's bathroom gets a sweet makeover!

Now to fully appreciate this makeover... and how embarrassingly looooong it took to get to how it looks now you'll really need to see the before shot! This is how it looked when I purchased the house in the fall of 2014.

That's a whole lot of oak... even the toilet seat!

And here it is now!

Let's check it out a little closer... I'll give you all the bathroom deets you ever wanted/needed!

When I did the wainscoting, here: DIY Wainscoting with CSI Wall Panels, I also painted the ceiling black.

Yes, you heard me right, black! My bedroom that this bathroom is attached to has black walls and I wanted to tie the two rooms together. Both rooms get a LOT of sunlight so they can handle black without feeling too closed in and dark.

I also painted down the top portion of the wall a little bit. I started by marking down about 9 inches.

and then I taped around the room.

And then started painting! You can probably tell that I had already painted the ceiling at one point but it just wasn't doing anything for me. Thankfully this is a tiny room because painting ceilings is a pain in the butt!


The new/old vanity was the first project in this room almost 2 years ago!!

I used an old dresser I've had for years and transformed it into a cool vanity, the uber-chippy finish was a happy accident!

My dad helped me install the sink and faucet and then I modified the drawers and created the mirror and backsplash.

I found a cute, vintage mirrored medicine cabinet at an antique show for just $10 and gave it a makeover with some gray chalk paint.

 I used some scraps of shelf liner I had for the slightly rusty shelves.

And added a little surprise with a chalkboard door!

I found the hanging planter at Ikea.

And the cute bicycle canvas at Target.

The pink hand that I am using for a necklace holder is from Hobby Lobby.

I am using a vintage lace tablecloth as a "door". I am hunting for one that is long enough to go to the floor but for now, this one fits the bill just fine.

I made this coat rack from the end of an old door that I had left over from another project. You can see that project here: DIY Up-Cycled Old Door Coat Rack. It now holds my bathrobe.

Looking back the other direction, there is another door that leads out into the laundry room and then back to the living room and/or kitchen.

I found these shelves at Goodwill for $2.99 each and gave them a makeover. They hold all kinds of goodies I use and/or just love 😊

And of course every bathroom has to have reading material right?! I found this magazine holder at Goodwill for $3.99.

I even updated the ugly off-white, dirty light switch for a nice pretty white one and painted the TP holder (I was having a little fun on the wall for future residents! ha!)

I took this wooden tray from the other bathroom, I like the warmth of the wood and it kind of compliments the chippy dresser vanity.

And there's that pretty new wainscoting!

I love how my bedroom and this half bath seem to go together now creating that master suite "feel" that this house did not originally have.

You can see the rest of the makeover process at these links: