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09 June
I am so ready for summer... grilling, gardening, enjoying the sunshine... that's my kind of living!

As soon as the weather started getting nice, I started sprucing up my backyard and patio and if you lived nearby I would have you over!

But since you don't live nearby, I can at least show you what it looks like!

Backyard and patio decor

You may remember that last year I worked on fixing up the patio, you can see that post here: Boho Patio Reveal.

While I really loved how it all turned out (especially the stenciled patio and the pallet loveseat!), I thought there was a little too much going on. Here is what it looked like then:

And here is what it looks like now:

I decided to reuse the whiskey barrel that you see as a side table in the first picture along with another one and create my Upcycled Horse Trough Raised Garden.

I put my little Buddha garden statue in it to watch over all the veggies and flowers. So far he's doing a great job because I have a little pepper growing on one of the pepper plants!

And I put this stack of rocks in the garden too... so it's kind of a little zen garden now!

The pallet loveseat is all made up again with cushy pillows. This thing is SO comfy!

I found this little blue chair at a yard sale for $3 last year.

I reused the top that was on the whiskey barrel table and an old wooden crate I had to create a little coffee table. The balls on the table are fence tops that my mom saved from an old fence for me. I think they are kind of cute on the table!

I moved the ladder over to the steps by the sliding glass door.

I had this little pink corner shelf in the garage, I got it for free at a garage sale.

I rebuilt my little pot man, he had fallen apart but he's as good as new now!

I hung a solar chandelier that I made about 4 years ago from a tree branch... can you see it?

Here's a better view.

And looking back toward the patio...

I replanted my grandma's old wheelbarrow.

 I love my pretty blue gazing ball.

I found the little red and white fairy garden chair and table at Fred Meyer. I thought it would be cute next to the little birdhouse and mushroom in the wheelbarrow planter.

I put together the Amazon shopping selections below so now you can shop my patio!

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  1. omg that chandelier on the tree is genius!!! WOWSERS you are making me want to get straight to the backyard and start decorating. SUPER picS!

  2. Thanks, I made it from a repurposed chandelier and some pretty glass solar lights... the kind that usually poke into the ground... just took the pokey part off. I had a tutorial post at one time but I lost it along with some other posts... I should try and recreate that!


  3. Thrifty Mom In BoiseJune 11, 2017

    I want it to quit raining so I can work in my yard. Yours looks so nice and the patio looks really cozy.

  4. Thank you! The wind has been blowing here with intermittent rain since I wrote that post practically :o(


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