Repurposed Vinyl Tablecloth Pillows

22 June
I have a super cute, super cheap little DIY to share with you today to spruce up your outdoor spaces!

I'm always looking for ideas to decorate my outdoor living spaces, I think they deserve the same level of cuteness and comfort as my indoor spaces. But since they are outdoors and the weather can take its toll on things I like to keep it as inexpensive and/or durable as possible.

How to repurpose a cheap vinyl tablecloth into adorable outdoor pillows!

When I saw this adorable cactus print vinyl tablecloth at Walmart for just over $3.00 I was sold and I knew immediately what I wanted to make with it!

They had them in different sizes and all for the same price so I bought the largest one so I would have lots of this cute vinyl to play with!

I had two cheap pillow forms that I picked up at the thrift store. One was .69 cents and the other was $2.49.

I wanted to make a simple envelope style pillow case so I placed the pillow form on the fabric and folded the fabric over the pillow to determine how large to cut my piece.

Leave about an inch or so on the sides for the seam allowance...

And overlap the fabric like so. You want it long enough to sew the hems and still have the envelope style closure with no gapping.

Hem each end of the fabric.

Fold over once and then again to enclose the raw edge inside.

And then stitch.

I used a zig-zag stitch. I figured since this is vinyl a straight stitch would perforate the edge and make it more likely to tear off.

Then wrap the fabric around your pillow again, right sides down to determine how big your pillow cover will be. Just pull the pillow out one side and you are ready to stitch!

Stitch the sides (I used a zig-zag stitch again).

Gently turn it right side out.

And put your pillow inside... again... gently so you don't tear it!

And you have THE.MOST.ADORABLE outdoor pillows ever!!!

I made these for my front porch so I had to spruce it up a bit to be able to adequately handle this level of cute!😁

I had this old bench sitting out there. I found it at a garage sale a few years ago for just $5.

This was after sanding but it didn't look much different before... it was definitely ready for a makeover!

I painted it Country White to coordinate with the Trash to Treasure Repurposed Dining Chair.

I added a couple of plants... Geraniums and a little fake cactus from Goodwill!

I made the painted pots last year here: Dressed Up Flower Pots - Weekend Yard Work Series.

I found this old civil defense supplies crate years ago at the dump.

I finally replaced the Christmas florals in the mailbox I made here: One Vintage Inspired Post Box, Three Ways To Use It with some more summer related flowers!!

And my front porch is looking cute once again! I really want to paint my front door now!

The vinyl tablecloth pillows are a sweet deal because you can just wipe them off!

What do you think? Are you in the car already headed for Wally World?! ha!

Here is one I made for my Fall Front Porch.

Repurposed Vinyl Tablecloth Pillows

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