Treasure Trove Tuesday - My Finds From The Farm Chicks Show

06 June
Sunday my mom and I went to The Farm Chicks Show! This show runs Saturday and Sunday, we always go on Saturdays but this year we decided to try going on Sunday. I'm so glad we did too, we'll be going on Sunday's from now on! We usually have to park what seems like miles away and there are so many people it's hard to get into the different booths. On Sunday we parked almost right up front and there weren't near as many people, it was so nice! I'm not worried about what we may have missed that sold on Saturday, many of the vendors brought out new stuff on Sunday and what I didn't see, I won't miss right?!

I went with a shopping list.

  1. Bad Art
  2. Boho Goodies
  3. Taxidermy

I found all the things on my list so this issue of TTT is dedicated to my Farm Chicks finds!

What I found at The Farm Chicks Show!

I will save the Taxidermy for last so if you don't like that, I'll warn you and you can stop reading when we get to that point deal?

First, the bad art which is a matter of perspective I think... to me, the kind of bad art I'm after is really quite charming in all its badness 😎

This is a perfect example... paint by numbers that really aren't done all that well but still quite charming!

I had to buy this whole vintage kit to get them, but really I was only after the pictures!

And I loved this wood sculpture! I am planning to paint it but not sure just how yet or what color.

It's 3D and pretty cool if you ask me! I want to make a bad art gallery in my hallway and these are the first two pieces for that wall.

The next item on my list was Boho goodies and I definitely found some of that too!

I was looking for more vintage, colored glassware to add to my new collection... I have amber and green goblets so far.

These sweet little blue glasses fit the bill!

I love how short and squatty they are, perfect for just a little drink!

And the design is great!

This little cow creamer is unique and sweet... not really Boho per say but he will fit right into what I'm planning for my kitchen!

And this... be still my heart...😍! My mom actually saw this before I did and pointed it out. It was only $9, can you believe that?!

Ok, here's your warning, I'm going to show the taxidermy now. I hope you'll keep reading but I understand if you don't want to.

I had almost given up on finding what I was looking for, I found her at the very end of the show, like one of the last three booths we looked in!

She is vintage (if she is a he, he is a she now... how's that for a tongue twister?!)

My philosophy is this... I do not condone killing animals and I would never pay to have one killed just so I can hang it on my wall. But she is very old and I am giving her a place in a fun and happy home where she gets to wear pearls and fancy crowns (coming soon)!

I need your help naming her too... my first thought was Jane Doe but I kind of like Tilly too, what do you think?

She will hang in my living room just as soon as I figure out where would be the best place for her.

I'll let you in on a little secret... next week I'm having my kitchen remodeled... new sink, counters, dishwasher, and a little rearranging of some drawers. And then I'll be painting the cabinets. I'll share more about my plan for the kitchen soon!

I'm already looking forward to the show next year!

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  1. I love seeing your finds (although I did skip the taxidermy). I've always wanted to go to a Farm Chicks show and you found some cute things. I especially like the little blue glasses.

  2. Martha MurphyJune 06, 2017

    Well, I trust you've found the rare doe with antlers. No way to tell for sure, unfortunately!

  3. Lol! The lady that I bought it from said all her animals are bisexual!


  4. I totally understand Vikki! I love the glasses too! Hopefully you'll get the opportunity to attend Farm Chicks some day, it's a great show... however, I've never been to any other large shows so I have nothing to compare it to!


  5. Pearl would be cute too!



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