A Simple Garden Window

Last year I worked hard on my backyard landscaping and plantings and while I'm really proud of how it looks out there, I think it needs a little bit of oomph if you know what I mean! A little character!

I have some old windows in my garage so I thought I'd use one to create a simple garden window.

Recycled an old window for garden art!

I also found an old shelf in the garage hoard supply of valuable inventory. I attached it with just a couple of L-brackets that I also already had!

A couple of D-rings (you guess it... I already had them) and it was ready to hang on the fence.

The shelf got a coat of leftover white paint and now it was ready for a couple of tchotchkes!

I found this cute little ceramic bug at the grocery store of all places!

And this colorful clay lizard from TJ Maxx!

The birdhouse was something I already had.

As always, my trusty little sidekick was supervising!

With the window hanging above my grandma's wheelbarrow it adds a little interest to the yard!

Here is what it looked like before. I'll be using the old gate someplace else in the yard and the gazing ball was moved to another corner that needed a little color

Sometimes I think simpler is better in the yard 😊