Antique Mall Window Display

I shared with you about a week ago that I'm closing down my spaces at the antique mall. I still feel like this is the right decision but there are some things I will miss for sure... like creating new window displays at the mall... rearranging is one of my favorite things to do and getting to shop the entire mall for things to create a new display is so much fun!

I thought I would share my last window display I created. This was actually a joint effort with the girl I work with there on Saturdays. I started this display but ran out of time so she finished it up. I think it turned out so cute!

I am calling this "A picnic in the woods".

Store window display idea

As I was walking around the mall looking for inspiration I saw the large paint-by-number and then I saw the aqua water jug and that's when the picnic in the woods idea came to me!

The paint-by-numbers pictures set the woodsy scene.

Then the table was dressed with a pretty vintage tablecloth.

Picnic and nature themed items were added to create our picnic!

We pulled the blues and greens out of the pictures to make it all go together.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, it makes me feel like I am actually on a picnic in the woods!!😊

Our lady friend changed into a brown day dress and donned a Pheasant feather hat. I'm sure her picnic basket is full of yummy picnic food!