Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

It's been a few weeks since I've shared any new treasures for TTT... I haven't been doing as much resale shopping... I have some bittersweet news to share. I have decided to close my booths at the antique mall along with one of my Etsy shops and concentrate all of my selling efforts on one Etsy shop... Little Boho Cottage.

I was just spreading myself a little too thin. I still work a full-time day job (for now 😉) so that takes up the majority of my time. On top of that, trying to keep two booths stocked (stressing out because I really needed to get some larger furniture pieces in there), work on improving this blog and posting here, working on projects at my house, working at the antique mall Saturday's to help offset some of my rent, trying to keep up with listing items in my Etsy shops (failing miserably at that)... there just isn't enough time in the day to do all I want... plus I still needed one day on the weekend to keep up on my yard and house work!

When I weighed everything out, the antique mall booths just didn't cut it anymore. The money I was making compared to the amount of time I was spending on it just don't equal out.

So, my last month at the antique mall will be August... I'll miss having my own little space in the brick and mortar world but maybe I'll be able to do it again sometime in the future. My other Etsy shop is still open but it will be closing soon. Everything in the Little Vintage Cottage shop is 50% off with coupon code 'COTTAGE50' if you are interested!

So, on with the TTT post! On the bright side, ALL of my finds (except those that I keep for myself of course) will be available for purchase at Little Boho Cottage!

This week's thrifting finds!

This vintage wood clock is really cool. It is made of wood but I'm not sure what kind... it's very light weight!

Price $12.99, Value $50 - $60

Remember string art?! My mom used to make these back in the day!

Look at all those pretty layers!

Price $1.00, Value $18 - $20

I've seen this sweet little Maio print called a Harlequin girl and a Mardi Gras girl... whatever she is, she's adorable!

Price $1.00, Value $18 - $20

A Rattan nesting bowl and trivet set.

Price $2.00, Value $16 - $18

Vintage men's glasses. The bottom two are Buddy Holly style!

Price .50 cents each, Value $25 - $30 each

An Italian Florentine plaque.

Price $4.00, Value $20 - $22

Now something to make you smile, this little guy is made of shells!

Price $1.99, Value $12 - $14

I thought this little spice set was adorable! It has a tiny turntable base and pink and blue spice containers. and the little egg salt and peppers are cute too!

Price $3.00 for the spice set, Value $14 - $16
Price $1.00 for the salt and pepper set, Value $6 - $8

This little guy will make you smile too when you see what he can do!

He's a super cute little bar set!!

Price .50 cents, Value $10 - $12.

I loved the little stoneware mug with cats on it!!

Price .50 cents, Value $6 - $8

Monkey pod wood pineapple...

Price $1.00, Value $12 - $14

Here's a sexy little number!!

I love the little blue flowers!

Price $1.00, Value $18 - $20

And now for the items that I am keeping!!

I have been collecting trivets like these for some time. I am planning on making a throw rug with them. I don't have any with a bird, can you see him?!!

Price Free!

I have a collection of vintage rhinestone jewelry, I love this belt buckle. My favorite part about these is how the stones turn dark.

Price $1.00

I have one of these little plastic Christmas ornaments already so I was excited to find three more for a set!

Price $2.00

OMG, these just make me smile 😀

Even though they are very poorly painted they are still so sweet!

Price $3.50 each.

I put all of these little items inside this pretty vintage box when I was shopping (they are all from one estate sale).

Price $1.00

I found two more Mary statues for my collection.

Price $1.99 each.

Here is my whole collection now.

That's it for this week's TTT, I hope you enjoyed it.

Remember most of this will be available soon at Little Boho Cottage!