7 Days of Thrift Shop Flips - Day 4

15 August
It's day 4 already! In case you are just now joining in, I am celebrating National Thrift Shop Day with 7 days of thrift shop flips and today is day 4!!

An old chair back becomes a cute hanger!

Celebrating National Thrift Shop Day with 7 Days of Thrift Shop Flips - today's flip is an old chair back!

Today's flip is an old chair back that I turned into a pretty hanger!

Here is a reminder of what it looked like before. The wood was very dry and I had already made a repair along the bottom edge where it had cracked. It definitely needed some love!

I began the makeover by painting it white.

You might not be able to tell from the pictures but it is curved (as chair backs often are) so regular sawtooth hangers on the back would not work very well so I decided to use eye hooks. I found two matching old ones in my stash.

The eye hooks screwed into the top and then I distressed the chair back to bring out the design.

I found three wooden knobs in my stash and painted them too.

I screwed these in from the back.

I picked out some pretty, vintage lace to hang it with.

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The last thing I did was distress the knobs and then used some Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner to bring out the wood under the distressed parts.

For this photo shoot, I hung one of my baby dresses on it!

I love this little dress. I even made it a special little hanger and stamped "lovely" on it 😊

What do you think?


Here is what's up for tomorrow's project! I am not using all of them... just a few!!

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  1. Amanda WallaceAugust 15, 2017

    I LOVE this! Please tell me its going in the etsy shop so I can buy it. I am very intrigued by tomorrows post.

  2. Melissa StanleyAugust 15, 2017


  3. whattarushAugust 15, 2017

    I love how this turned out. The design on the chair back is just beautiful, and you made it more wonderful by hanging your little dress on it. I don't have any of my baby dresses, but I do have my first pair of ruffly booties. They are almost 61. My birthday is in 4 days, on the 19th. I don't feel 61 one in my mind, but arthritis is getting to me in my hips and knees. {Gee, I sure do go on.} Your project is lovely, and I hope Amanda {below} gets to purchase it! Best wishes, Fonda

  4. Lol... I love reading your comments Fonda... feel free to ramble on ;o) I know what you mean about getting older... it sucks. I'll be 49 next month and I don't mentally feel (or act!) that age but I'm starting to feel the differences in my body for sure!


  5. Hi Amanda. I was planning to list it in my Etsy shop but if you are interested in purchasing it I can save myself the trouble of listing it and the associated fees if I just sell it to you here! How does $20 sound (that includes the shipping)?


  6. Beautiful chair back & with the knobs...now it's practical too! Pinned.

  7. Amanda WallaceAugust 16, 2017

    SOLD! I believe I still have your info in my emails if you would like me to message you that way. Thank you so much for this Tania your the best!

  8. That would be great, I got a new computer and new email so I don't have yours anymore. I'm at Pelletier4003@charter.net, send me an email and then I'll send you an invoice via Paypal.


  9. Thank you Florence! I appreciate the pin too!



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