How to Make Space for a Craft Studio When You Don't Have Any Space

August 25, 2017

If you have a creative hobby then you need creative space. But what if you don't have enough room for one? I'm going to show you how to squeeze a tiny craft studio into your life no matter how limited your space!

No roof for a craft studio? Check out these ideas to make room!
For as long as I can remember creating has been part of what makes me who I am and I have always had a craft space. In my younger years I had access to my mom’s creative space in our house. My first craft space on my own was in my first house I bought on my own. The house was only 728 square feet and even with just my daughter and I, it was small! But I still managed to find a little nook in my bedroom for a small hand-me-down, folding sewing machine table and a vintage floor to ceiling tension rod hanger that I hung my craft supplies from.

From then on sometimes it was a whole room, sometimes it was just a corner of a room, and sometimes it was a whole floor of my house depending on where I was living. But I always found room for creating.

This is my studio now, a 10’ x 12’ spare bedroom.

You can see the whole room here:
Of all the spaces I have had, I think the smaller ones have been my favorites. Everything is within easy reach and it feels cozy to me (it also forces you to be a little more organized and selective with what you buy!)
If creating is something that makes you happy but you don’t have a dedicated space where you are I encourage you to think outside the box and find a place, no matter how small it may be!

Here are some great ideas for tiny craft spaces that I think you’ll enjoy. I hope you get some ideas for where you could squeeze one in if your limited on space.

Enclosed Balcony, Patio, or Mud Room Craft Studio

Many homes have unused balconies, patios, or mud rooms that could be converted into a craft studio.

Image result for tiny craft closet
Source: Lushome
Small Dining Nook Craft Studio

Maybe you have a breakfast or dining nook that could do double duty.

Image result for tiny craft spaces
Source: Mom4Real

Closet Craft Studio

Source: Sew Can Do

Maybe you'll need to take it outside!

She Shed Craft Studio!

How about a shed in the backyard?

A Vintage Travel Trailer Craft Studio

Source: Every Day is a Holiday

A Self Contained Craft Studio

If you don't have any of the above then maybe self contained is the way to go!

Source: Andrea's Notebook

This one is cool and it wouldn't be too difficult to build from two matching bookcases. Add a pull out desk space, wheels and attach the two bookcases together with a piano hinge and you'd have something very similar!
Source: Martha Stewart

What does your creative space look like? If you don't have one did you get any good ideas?

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  1. We have used the Master Bedroom for our studio. We had to combine our fabric craft space with our paper and other making space. We pared down quite a bit before we moved, so most of it fits. We used industrial shelving and plastic boxes to store our supplies. The small walk-in closet is for all of the fabric and other supplies. We store things quite high, because we don't have enough space. I just put up some shelving in a short hallway to help to alleviate space cramps. We'll store our books and magazines there, for one thing. It works well for us, but for now, we are working on our living room, entry and dining room turned library, so we aren't spending any time in there.

  2. I used the closet in my studio for more storage too. So is the master bedroom still a bedroom too or is it all studio space?


  3. For the most part, the Master Bedroom is studio space. We use the shower in there, but the sink is there for clean up. Otherwise, it contains most of our supplies. Recently, we had two people visit. We have a day bed with a trundle, so one part stayed in our very small third bedroom and the other went into the studio, after moving our main table to the side. It worked out well. When my daughter visits, 4 kids can stay in that room using sleeping bags, while mom and dad get the little bedroom and more privacy. We chose to use the second largest bedroom for ourselves. After all, we actually just SLEEP in there. It's rather large, too, but it doesn't have an en suite. My wife uses the small walk-in closet for a dressing room, so she doesn't have to move her clothes out or wake me up. The bathroom is just outside that door. We took the door off that bathroom, which is another story.

  4. Sounds like it works great for you two! I am looking for one of those folding cots to use in my other spare bedroom. My dad is the only one that ever stays and that's only once a year for one night. I use that room for my photography studio for TTT posts and Etsy shop photos. I also have three storage cabinets in there with my inventory. There is also a chair but if I moved that I would have room for a cot.

  5. My daughter and some of her crew visit every other year. Only once has my wife's sister and dad come together. We're ready for company, but we don't get it often!

  6. Your craft room is so just says "come on in and get creative." I just love the little travel trailer turned into a craft room. What a great idea!!!

  7. Thank you so much Vikki! If you lived closer I'd invite you over and we could craft to our heart's content! And wouldn't a trailer dedicated to a studio be awesome!!??


  8. Cecilia BramhallSunday, August 27, 2017

    Right now I have a spare bedroom that's 11x12. But I've been in the laundry room where a freezer would have gone, the breakfast nook, and sometimes just stuff in the closet where I'd pull it out then have to put it all up each time. Organization is the key no matter what! Love the last idea...that's really cool!

  9. These are awesome ideas for people who don't have an entire room to devote to a craft space. I am having a hard time picking a favorite but the vintage camper one is adorable! :) Have a great week...

  10. You are right, organization is the key for sure! Thanks for stopping by Cecilia!


  11. Thanks Vicky. We are lucky to have a whole room dedicated to it but I know not everyone has that luxury. I love the camper idea too!


  12. JoElle @ A Crafty CompositionTuesday, August 29, 2017

    I love your craft space. It looks like the perfect spot for creativity. LOVE LOVE LOVE the craft trailer!!! What a fabulous idea.

  13. Thanks JoElle! Wouldn't a trailer studio be awesome!?



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