Scrap Fabric Projects - Or What To Do With a Scrap of Fabric!

04 August
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Do you ever see a little piece of fabric that you just love? Maybe you have one already?

Maybe it's vintage... maybe it's a remnant from the fabric store... maybe it's from a piece of clothing that no longer fits, but you love it.

It might be something you've hung onto FOR. LIKE. EVER... or maybe you found it recently, but you love it.

It's not big enough to do much with... but you love it!

Well, I have some fun projects to share, things you can make with that little piece of fabric to showcase it and get it out where you can love and enjoy it!

Or What To Do With a Scrap of Fabric

Of course, I had quite a large piece of fabric in order to make all these projects but the projects themselves are quite small!

This is a vintage tablecloth that I picked up last year at an estate sale.

Please don't worry though, I didn't destroy a perfectly good vintage tablecloth! When I bought it I didn't realize that it already had a chunk cut out of it 😒

So, that makes it perfect for making projects with the fabric! I love the bright pink and yellow flowers!

The first thing I made is a simple envelope pillow cover.

You can see it takes a little bit larger piece of fabric but less than a yard for sure!!

Envelope pillow covers are so easy to make. You just hem both ends then place your pillow on top, slightly off center, and fold the hemmed edges over it, overlapping the ends (make sure your fabric is right side up and your pillow form is on top of that). Pull the pillow form out the side, and stitch the sides up!

Turn it right side out, stuff your pillow form inside and voila... a cute pillow!

This is quite a small pillow form... you could make it even smaller if you have less fabric (check out thrift stores for old pillows you can use for your form)

If you have fabric with a big, bold pattern like this, even a small pillow makes a statement!

Maybe you still don't have enough fabric... you can use a different fabric for the back of the pillow, I would have chosen a solid pink or yellow for this and it would have been beautiful!

That's project #1!

Project #2 is hand towels!

I had two plain white hand towels (I think they snuck into my bag one time from a hotel I was staying at!)

For towel #1, lay it down on top of the fabric and cut the fabric the same size.

Stitch around the edges, right sides together.

Make sure to leave an opening to turn it right side out!

Stitch the opening closed once you've turned it right side out and hey... that's a cute little hand towel!!!

I added a piece of the fringe from the tablecloth for cute factor!

For towel #2 (and a coordinating set!)...

... it takes only two little strips of fabric!

Hem the sides of each strip...

Then pin it to the towel and stitch it down!

You could find some nice hand towels at the thrift store for this project or they are pretty cheap at Walmart too!

Project #3 is a laundry bag!!

I found several of these plain white bags at the thrift store but you can get them on Amazon too here: Laundry Bag, White - 22" X 28" (they come in colors too!)

First I made it a new draw string.

Then I used Two-Sided Fusible Web to adhere a heart shape to my bag. Just iron it on and you're done!

I used some vintage trim from my stash to embellish the bottom.

So there you have it, 3 super cute and easy projects to get you started with that little piece of fabric!!
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  1. Tania, these are such pretty little projects out of the flawed tablecloth! Love the laundry hamper & towels especially. I do the very same things at estate sales, get home & realize my "treasure" is flawed. Ugh. But you made lemonade out of lemons!

  2. Thanks Florence!! I hate that when you get it home and realize it's flawed... I try and be careful and check everything over before I buy it but sometimes my excitement gets the best of me!


  3. Debra PashkowskyAugust 05, 2017

    I love all of these ideas. My neighbor gave me last year's fabric samples from a furnitre store so I have been trying to think of ideas that don't need a lot of fabric.

  4. Oh, that's cool Debra! There are tons more ideas for things you could do with them!


  5. Nancy CarrollAugust 06, 2017

    Fun ideas! I'm a scrap saver and need some inspiration sometimes!

  6. What great ideas to do with special fabric pieces. I especially love the towels and the laundry bag. Time for me to start digging through my odds-and-ends.

  7. Tania I absolutely would have brought this fabric home as well -- too cool a pattern and colors! Love all the ways you managed to use it. I'm a sucker for hand towels, can't get enough:)
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  8. Thanks Kathleen! I still have some left so I'm hoping to come up with some more ideas for it soon!


  9. Thanks Vikki! I hope you can find some inspiration and make up some cute things too!



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