Trash to Treasure Candlestick

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Can you believe it is the end of August already?! I can't, I'm not quite ready for fall yet, I feel like summer just got started!

But I guess there isn't anything I can do about time speeding by like it is lately except try and make the most of it right?

So, let's say goodbye to August with a trash to treasure project ok?! 😊

How to make a candlestick from an old chair leg

I have had this old chair leg for years. I picked it up one day at the dump and just loved all the details it had.

I can't tell you how many times people have said, why don't you throw that old thing away? Pssshhh... that's just crazy talk!!

Here is what it looked like before.

I dug around in my drawer full of bits and bobs and found these things to help turn it into a candlestick.

Since this had been lying out in the elements at the dump for who knows how long, the finish practically fell off! It didn't take much sanding at all!

This piece is actually a candle holder too, I decided to use it as a base to make my new candlestick a little more stable.

I glued the tart tins to the top with E6000 Craft Adhesive.

And screwed the candle holder to the bottom of the chair leg.

And then sprayed the whole thing white and distressed it!

I love the way it brought out all the details, even the old pegs that are still in the holes!

I added it to my new mantle display.

I love the glow of the candles all grouped together.

I'm so glad I didn't listen to the haters who told me to throw this chair leg away!

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