Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds - Part II

Yesterday I shared Part I of this week's thrifting finds, there were a bunch!!

Today I am sharing the rest of my loot!!

New thrifting finds, available soon!

Most of what I'm sharing today is linens. I found a lot of them in the basement at the estate sale.

The estate sale company puts a person in charge in each area of the house, some know more about vintage and antiques than others... lucky for me the person they put in the basement didn't seem to know much because I got these for GREAT prices!!

I may or may not have even told him I loved him at one point 😉

There are only one each of these embroidered pillow cases but I thought they were so pretty!

They would be pretty in a little girl's bedroom.

Especially this Southern Belle!

Price $1.00 each, Value $6 - $8 each.

I was so excited when I dug this Mexican themed tablecloth out from under the heap!

I love the embroidered cactus!

Price $2.50, Value $22 - $24.

A set of four napkins...

Price .50 cents, Value $4 - $6.

A beautifully embroidered table runner.

Price $1.00, Value $14 - $16.

Please excuse the wrinkles on this linen tea towel... I did iron it but then I folded it up again!

There is a cute little mouse swaying in the wheat!

Price .50 cents, Value $6 - $8.

After I found the Mexican tablecloth I found this one!!! And then I found the napkins somewhere else!!!

I gotta say this might be the CUTEST tablecloth I've ever seen!!

The man is on one end and this little lady is on the other!

The edges have the colorful zig zag that matches the napkins and cute cacti!

Price... just $3.00 for the set and it is in PERFECT condition, not a stain on it! 😍 Value $35 - $40

These curtain panels are so awesome too! They are actually double and attached in the center at the top, so quite large. You'll have to check them out in the shop to see both panels together.

I don't think this is bark cloth, but very similar. It's a little more textured and nubby than bark cloth.

They were just $3.00, Value $65 - $75.

And last, but not least... a pink bathroom scale!

I tested it out to see if it worked... I DO NOT like the reading I got... but unfortunately, it is correct 😭

Price $3.00, Value $20 - $25.

That's it for this week's TTT. Whew, that was quite a haul but we were in our glory there... my mom and I both LOVE digging through stuff like that!

I've been busily adding the stuff from the last TTT in the shop, hop on over and check it out here: Little Boho Cottage.