7 Drool Worthy Bohemian Style Patios You'll Love!

10 September
Well, before you know it patio weather will be over. we are approaching that time of year where we start to transition into fall. The weather will start turning and we'll start wearing sweaters and boots and eventually, we'll button up our patios for winter until next spring.

Right now we still have some time though to enjoy the outdoor time! 😁

I thought I'd share how my patio looks now. I've done a little redecorating since I finished my bohemian style patio last year. You can see that post here: Boho Patio Reveal. And after I share my patio I have a special guest post by Melinda Brown who writes for Vertigo Interiors with her ideas for what makes a great bohemian style patio!

Bohemian style covers so many different looks, check out these 7 patios to fall in love with!

My boho patio is a little bit colorful, a little bit neutral, and a little bit whimsical!

The loveseat is made from 2 large pallets and some 4x4 posts. See how to make it here: Pallet Patio Love Seat

The "Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon" signs DIY is here: DIY Inspirational Quote Signs.

The patio is stenciled with an awesome IKAT pattern, see that post here: DIY Stenciled Concrete Patio.

I couldn't bear to sell this little yellow baker's rack when I closed up my spaces at the antique mall, I thought it would be perfect for my patio!

And without further ado, here are Melinda's ideas!

Bohemian Style Patio? Let's try it!

Eclectic Furniture

The Bohemian style furniture has a ‘lived-in’ aura that tells a story. It’s not crisp, but very homey and welcoming. This style of furniture is timeworn – almost rustic – in aesthetic, but delivered in fun and evocative colors! So when you’re styling your patio in the bohemian style, look for furniture that has a retro vibe. You can furnish with rattan furniture, Hobbit themed chairs, wicker furniture, wishbone chairs, and even 70’s inspired chaise couches. The idea is for your furniture to tell a story, so try to go for well-worn pieces with a playful stylistic expression that will add character to your patio design.

Image Source: Rilane
Vibrant colors

Vibrant colors are often the running theme, however, you can go for a more neutral style with a focus on mixing different textures. Many bohemian color palates consist mostly of warm colors. Other specialized tones used in this style are vibrant hues of purple, cerulean, honey yellow, red, pink and brown – the more the merrier! Note that many of these colors are going to clash, but that is the beauty of the Bohemian style; it makes clashing colors look tasteful.

Here’s a verified secret; if you use these colors in rich materials and textiles – jute, suede, velvet, sisal and even burlap – then your décor would look more inspired and personalized.

Image source: trendyquest
Kaleidoscopic patterns

Patterns are a veritable part of every bohemian style interior. So when you’re decorating your patio in this style, go for psychedelic patterns in vibrant colors. If you don’t know where or how to start, then here are a few suggestions; try ethnic patterned throw pillows or afghans, geometric patterned area rugs, chintz upholstery for your furniture and even Laura Ashley patterns a la 80’s. The patterns will contribute building the personality of your boho chic patio design with a fantastic flair that never fails to keep the eye engaged.

Image source: aucanize
Vintage/antique accessories

Patio designs are usually void of all indoor inspired accessorizing. This means you usually don't decorate with small trinkets and baubles like old china, boxes and other eccentric pieces. Instead, you can decorate with beautiful bohemian inspired pieces like beaded curtains, shag rugs, Moroccan lanterns, lava lamps, wrought iron railings and even fairy/twinkle lights. Just remember that each accessory should be unorthodox – offbeat in a way that that is quaint and vintage. This unusual decoration is what highlights the beauty of the Bohemian style.

Image source: charlottebydesign
Nature inspired ambiance

The Bohemian movement is often inspired by the idea of going back to nature. So it is only right that it be one of the key decorating aesthetics for this style. Like everything else in this style, the incorporation of nature in this aesthetic should be unique as well.

It could be added through earthy tones via wooden/vinyl or even stone accent flooring. But it could just as easily be added by decorating with actual planters. Creepers and ivy vines are a great stylistic expression for the boho chic style. You can even take it up a notch by designing a DIY green wall in your patios.

Image source: gypsyyaya
Specialized Additions

This style is extremely casual, so do not be afraid to go ‘frumpy’ with your aesthetic. In fact, the more rumpled it is, the better it will look. So special additions like hammocks, personal pillows, indie wall-art and even dream catchers are always welcome. Try to stylize with personal items – something that is well-worn with everyday use. This will definitely add character to your Bohemian style patios.

Image source: livediyideas

The Bohemian style is big on self-expression. Its aesthetic is unique in its beauty and appreciates individual style a lot. So don't be afraid to let go of all reservations while decorating in this style!

Melina Brown works as a writer for Vertigo Interiors. Her love towards fashion and design is only exceeded by her passion for writing. She is lucky enough to be able to combine and use those interests at work on a daily basis.

What do you think of all of Melinda's great ideas? I was definitely drooling over each one of these examples!

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  1. You have done an outstanding job on your patio--it looks so welcoming. I especially like your pillows and I LOVE the bunny.

  2. Thanks Vikki! I love that bunny too, I've had him for years. He is an old concrete garden statue :o)


  3. Nancy CarrollSeptember 10, 2017

    I like this configuration of your patio best of all the ways you've had it! The baker's rack works great out there. The featured patios are all gorgeous but i like your just as well. Some of those are a bit too much!

  4. I really like YOUR patio the best Tania! I like so much about it...that floor, the comfy-looking pallet sofa, the pillows, the signs, the table with the bunny. It just looks so inviting.

  5. Aww, thanks so much Florence!!


  6. I like the baker's rack too, I'm glad I didn't get rid of it!!


  7. JoElle @ A Crafty CompositionSeptember 12, 2017

    I've always dreamed of heaving a bed on a porch where you can spend a lazy afternoon reading or napping. Love all the eye candy on this post Tanya. I think I will have to look it over several times to see all the wonderfulness. Thanks for sharing and I LOVE you patio sofa!!

  8. I know what you mean about having to look several times, there's a lot of great inspiration! I especially love the last two!



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