Chalkboards in Any Color

13 September
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Guess what today is?

Yes! It's Wednesday! Thrifty Chicks Wednesday that is!! The second Wednesday of every month six of my blogging buddies and I get together for a monthly project challenge.

This month's challenge is chalkboards! And for my chalkboard project, I am sharing how to make a chalkboard in any color under the rainbow!

How to make chalkboards in any color!
At the end of the post, there will be links to check out all the other ladies' chalkboard projects.

These are the before pictures for each of ours.

Mine started out as a picture frame that I've had in my garage for a couple years. I picked it up at a garage sale for $1.

I will be gluing the glass into the frame later so I taped off about 1/2" all around the edge of the glass with Painters Tape to make sure the glue had an unpainted surface to grab onto.

Then I spray painted one side of the glass in the color of my choice (a pretty aqua) and the other side with Krylon Black Chalkboard Spray Paint (not pictured).

I found some trim that was left over from another project out in the garage and cut four pieces to the inside dimensions of the picture frame. These will be used to help secure the glass permanently in the frame and to give it a more finished look.

I painted these and the frame white.

Now, this is the fun part! You will need Chalkboard Clear Coating. Mine is American brand but DecoArt has some too.

This stuff will turn any smooth, painted surface into a chalkboard!!

Squirt some onto your surface and spread it around with a sponge brush.

One coat horizontally, one coat vertically, allowing it to dry 1 hour between coats.

Next, I removed the tape and glued my new double sided chalkboard into the frame using E6000 Adhesive.

Then I glued the trim pieces around the edge to help secure it into the frame and to give it a more finished look since this side is the back of the frame.

Once the paint has cured for at least 24 hours, season the surface by rubbing a piece of chalk sideways over the surface and then erasing it (have you ever seen a chalkboard where you could still see the old writing no matter how hard you tried to erase it? That's because it wasn't properly seasoned!).

If you need chalk and an eraser, here is a fun set: Eraser and 24 Piece Chalk Set.

I added Eye Screw Hooks to the top of the frame and then made a hanger with some Rick Rack Ribbon.

And now I have a fun, double-sided chalkboard!

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Next month's theme is upcycling flannel shirts!

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  1. Lora BloomquistSeptember 13, 2017

    Tania, Another great chalkboard product I'd never heard of! Thanks for the info. This turned out so cute-love the 2 sided different colors;)

  2. Get out, Tania! I had no idea this product even existed. The endless color choices this opens up for chalkboards. It's been added to my shopping list!

  3. I know! My mom gave it to me a few years ago otherwise I wouldn't know it existed either!! Just think... Easter chalkboards, Halloween chalkboards, 4th of July chalkboards!!!


  4. What a great idea! I had no idea this was out there. Thanks for the info.

  5. Nancy CarrollSeptember 13, 2017

    Very cute! And a great idea for it to be reversible. You could do diff. colors for diff. holidays and just flip it over when time to decorate for another holiday!

  6. Yes! Like brown on one side for Thanksgiving and orange for Halloween!


  7. Debra PashkowskySeptember 13, 2017

    What a neat product you discovered. I like the idea of making a different color chalk board to match your decor. And I like how you have the traditional blackboard and a very pretty color. You came up with a very cute project.

  8. Diana PetrilloSeptember 13, 2017

    SO clever, Tania!! Thanks for introducing me to a new product--the clear, chalkboard coating. I'll be needing some of that ASAP :)

  9. Love that your chalkboard is two sided Tania! That's such a great idea. That blue colour is fabulous, and that clear coating is amazing. I'm going to have to try that some time for sure.

  10. It opens up a whole new chalkboard world! ha ha!


  11. Tania that is such a cool idea. I didn't know that made this type of product. Now we can all go crazy turning everything in site into chalkboards. love it!!

  12. I know!!! It opens up a whole new world!!


  13. joelle butcherNovember 14, 2017

    Love it! Thanks for the fantastic tip.


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