5 Things To Make With ONE Flannel Shirt!

11 October
I can't believe it's been a month already since our last Thrifty Chicks project! If you remember, last month's project challenge was chalkboards and I shared how to make Chalkboards in Any Color!

This month's challenge is upcycling flannel clothing and I'm just as excited as you are because I have no idea what the other ladies are making until reveal day!

I started working with my flannel shirt I picked up at Goodwill and then couldn't stop so I actually have FIVE projects to share... 5 Things to Make with ONE Flannel Shirt! πŸ˜€

You can make so many different things with ONE flannel shirt!

Here are the before of all of our flannel clothing pieces!

Mine is #5, I picked it up at Goodwill for $6.99. It was a little more than most flannel shirts there because it's wool flannel. I was also happy to find one in the perfect colors for fall!

It's a boy's shirt so not all that large and I was still able to get 5 projects out of this one shirt!

I started by cutting up the shirt like so.

My first project is a pillow.

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That center section will be my new pillow. I used iron-on seam tape down the center where it buttons up so it won't gap when stuffed with a pillow form.

There wasn't quite enough shirt material to make a standard envelope style pillow so I opted to add a zipper instead. I like to be able to remove the pillow covers to wash them or change them out for the seasons.

And now I have a cute fall pillow!

I was happy to also find a shirt that doesn't clash with my new vintage couch and loveseat! If you are on my mailing list then you've already heard all about these vintage beauties! πŸ˜„

After making the pillow I still had quite a bit of fabric to work with from the sleeves. So, I decided to make some fall leaves!

For this project, I used iron-on fusible interfacing. This stuff serves two purposes... it adheres two pieces of fabric together without sewing and it stiffens the fabric a little bit. This gave my leaves a little bit of weight and stability.

To make the leaves I opened up the sleeves and laid one of them out flat on my ironing board, right side down (you'll be ironing the interfacing onto the wrong side of the fabric).

Lay a piece of the interfacing face down/paper side up on the fabric and iron it down. Let it cool for a few seconds and then peel off the paper backing. This leaves the fusible interfacing on the fabric.

Next lay your second piece of fabric on top (right side up) and iron it down so the two pieces have adhered together. You'll end up with a thick, double-sided piece of fabric.

I found a couple of leaf line drawings online and printed them for my patterns.

Cut a piece of your new double-sided fabric just large enough for your leaf shape (I find it easier to cut when you aren't working with a large piece of fabric).

Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut it out.

Whhheeee! Here are all my leaves!

I decided to stitch around the outside edge of each leaf and down the center and stem with orange thread for a little added detail. You could totally leaf this step out ... leaf it out... get it?! πŸ˜‚

Now, you could use these to make a banner, scatter them on a table or mantle, etc. I chose to make some little party favor type things with them.

I found this party favor kit at Goodwill for .99 cents. I thought the little test tubes were cute.

I filled them with these 😍

And used some jute twine to tie the leaves onto the tubes.

I also used some in this little arrangement on my kitchen counter.

And on a place setting...

You can find the stenciled box centerpiece tutorial here: DIY Scrap Wood Planter Box.

The next project was made using the sleeve cuffs from the shirt.

They are embellished wrist cuffs that you can wear, like a bracelet!

I have been wanting to try making zipper flowers and I finally got the chance with these! I'll be sharing the tutorial for these cuffs in a separate post... you'll be looking at all your clothes with murderous eyes and scissors behind your back!

So look for that tutorial coming soon!

These next two projects shouldn't even count as real projects they were so easy!

I just used what was left of the sleeves and tucked it inside the boots I have on the porch to make festive boot cuffs... that was like a 2-second project!

You can see my fall porch (and the boots before) here: Fall Porch Tour.

And finally... I wracked my brain to think of a project for the collar... surely there must be something to do with a collar...


Mr. Pongo got a manly new look!

Needless to say, he hated it! πŸ˜‚

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I hope you enjoyed this month's challenge! Next month we'll be working on globes and/or maps!


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  1. Debra PashkowskyOctober 11, 2017

    You sure came up with some great uses for flannel. I love the leaves. But puting the collar on Mr. Pongo is priceless.

  2. Lora BloomquistOctober 11, 2017

    That collar on your dog is hilarious! It matched his "clothes" perfectly;) Great projects!

  3. Seriously girl, I love the way you think! I'm shocked you could get 5 amazing Fall decor ideas out of one BOYS shirt no less. Your dog wearing the shirt collar is adorable! Love how you used and styled your Fall leaves (might steal this idea). The pillow is fantastic too! Pinned

  4. Nancy CarrollOctober 11, 2017

    So many great creations with one small shirt! Love it all. Poor Pongo----you know he doesn't like things around his neck! But he's so adorable with it on!

  5. I absolutely love the pockets on your pillow, and it looks so soft. Great idea! Mr. Pongo might not like his new collar but he sure looks cute.

  6. Diana PetrilloOctober 11, 2017

    So many great projects, Tania! I'm going to hunt down some fusible webbing and make some leaves with my leftover flannel, and I love the boot cuff idea, too! Well done :)

  7. That's what I told him when I was trying to take pictures of him... "you're so coot and handsome!"!!


  8. lol, yep, he was not happy!


  9. Thanks Marie! I still have a few pieces of the shirt that I could probably do something with but I ran out of time!!


  10. Right?! He's perfectly coordinated now!


  11. Yah, pretty sure he didn't see the humor in it! lol!


  12. Barbara WarnerOctober 11, 2017

    I love the shirt pillow and I adore those flannel plaid leaves - they are so cute and charming. They make everything inside seem warm and cozy. Love the leaves on the candy-filled test tubes and also on the pumpkin place settings.

  13. All great ideas Tania, but I especially love that pillow. It's really fabulous! That collar is as priceless as Mr. Pongo. So adorable!

  14. Stephanie AbbottOctober 14, 2017

    Clever ideas. I love those leaves. Pinning. Thanks for sharing at our link party!

  15. Thank you Stephanie and thanks for pinning!


  16. Shirlee CarterOctober 15, 2017

    Tania, you are so creative, I love all your projects. If only Pongo knew how handsome and coordinated he is in his new collar.

  17. Tania, I'm amazed at all you did with that one shirt, and a boy's shirt at that. I love each project! Pongo looks great in his new collar. What a stroke of genius! He'll get used to it.

  18. Well, I let him off the hook and I don't make him wear it unless we're showing off! lol!


  19. Thanks so much Shirlee!!


  20. Love all of your flannel shirt projects. I can't wait to see your zipper tutorial. Please stop by Thursday Favorite Things since you are being featured.

  21. Thanks Bev! I will come party with you for sure!


  22. Great, can't wait to see what you share this week. Don't forget to add your linkup number in a comment to be featured again.

  23. I've been toying with a flannel leaf project idea and you've inspired me to go forward! Totally DUH on using the interfacing...will definitely do that and will definitely credit you in my post!!! XOXO, Sadie Seasongoods


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