Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink

25 October
I'm still working away on my kitchen even though it's been slow going. Not because it's super hard work or anything... it's just that I haven't had all the time I need!

I have finished painting ALL.THE.CUPBOARDS... GAH! There's a lot of cupboards in this kitchen!

I also finished the tile backsplash behind the stove.

No pretty pictures just quite yet though! This weekend I worked on a more mundane, not so pretty, but necessary, (and satisfying!) project.

Organizing under the kitchen sink!

Easy ways to organize under the kitchen sink!

When the contractors put in my new farmhouse kitchen sink they also put a new bottom in under the sink. The only problem is for some reason they chose particle board! 😨 Do you know what would happen to that if there was a leak under there?!

Hello Mr. Contractor... not your smartest move...

Well, sure enough... already there were issues! See that little dark spot under the valve? Yep... it leaked a little bit. I have fixed it but I needed a barrier to protect that wood!

I had a few full pieces and some scraps of self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles that I used in my hall bathroom makeover left over and it turned out to be exactly the amount I needed for under the kitchen sink!

These are the Armstrong Crescendo Tiles.

I only had about three full-size tiles and the rest were smaller scraps. I used the full-size tiles in the front where you would see them.

And the scraps toward the back in the areas that wouldn't be seen as well.

I caulked around the edges and in between the tiles to hide the seams a little bit so it wouldn't be so obvious that these were scraps!

Then I reinstalled my roll-out garbage can holder.

Now take a look at the disorganized mess that was under the sink before!

Why on earth I have this many cleaning supplies I have no idea... I don't even like to clean! 😂

And the containers they were crammed into just weren't working. I had no idea what I even had... everything AND the dog bowl!

I took everything out and set it on the counter so I could see what I had. Needless to say, I had multiples of many things. I combined containers where I could... three bottles of partially used dish soap into one, etc.

I picked up a few organizing containers at TJMaxx.

I like this one because I can just pick up the whole thing and take it where ever I need it and it was a steal at just $3.99!

I cleaned my cleaning supplies too... it's amazing how dirty they get... that's a strange thing... dirty cleaning supplies! Doesn't seem quite right does it!?

Most everything fit in this container!

I also got these plastic containers to hold dishwasher pods and sponges, and miscellaneous items.

So it went from this...

To this...

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I remembered that I had this cute little metal pail from Grove Collaborative and I'm using it to hold disinfecting wipes, all-purpose cleaning spray, and the cute little girl scrub brush.

It feels so nice to have everything clean, organized, and pretty... well as pretty as you can get under a kitchen sink, and I don't have to worry too much about a leak ruining the whole cabinet!


You can see more of my kitchen remodel progress HERE.
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  1. Nancy CarrollOctober 25, 2017

    That's an easy place to ignore. Things get pushed to the back, can't be seen very well, and soon forgotten! It looks great!

  2. Good job Tania. I used those stick-on tiles for the shelves where all my pots, pans, and baking things go. And I used them on the shelf where all the canned foods go too--it's much easier to clean.

  3. They are awesome aren't they?!


  4. This turned out great! Thank you so much for sharing with us over at the To Grandma's house we go link party, I will be featuring you tomorrow when the new party starts :)

  5. Oh hey! Thank you!


  6. Thrifty Mom In BoiseNovember 11, 2017

    Bravo! I love having the vinyl tiles in my cabinet under the sink. Makes it so much easier to keep it clean.

  7. Yes, it does!! :)



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