DIY Moroccan Cutting Board & How to Display Your Cutting Boards

I'm still working away on my kitchen remodel... although now most of the remodeling portion is complete and it's just decorating and makeovers! If you have missed any of the remodel posts, here is what has gone down so far:

Today I worked on finding a way to display my cutting board collection. I used to store them like THIS but I found that there wasn't really a good place for putting it. My kitchen has a TON of cupboard space (as in I've lived here 3 years now and still have empty cupboards), but it's a little short on floor space!

So, I wanted a way to display them up off the floor. And then I thought at least one needed to be prettier... in a bohemian, eclectic sort of way 😊

Pretty and organized... two birds, one stone (and some hooks, paint, and a stencil)...

Made an eclectic, Moroccan cutting board

I decided they might look cool hanging on the end of this cupboard.

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I used some small single prong hooks that I found at Craft Warehouse. There are some similar ones HERE.

I put three on the end of my cabinet. I would have liked to use larger hooks so I could hang more than one cutting board from each hook but any larger and they would have stuck out too far and you might snag yourself on them when passing by.

I hung the largest cutting board in my collection on the center hook.

Then added a couple of smaller ones on the outside hooks.

The holes in the smaller cutting boards weren't large enough for the hooks so I found some brown cotton ribbon in my stash and made hangers for them.

I have a long skinny cutting board that I thought would be pretty to stencil with a Moroccan stencil but instead of stenciling the whole board I opted to stencil just half of the board.

I think it looks so pretty!

I put a coat of poly over this side of the board and if I decide to use it for actual cutting I would use the opposite side.

I think they add a little bit of warmth to the kitchen. It is not my whole collection, I propped several others on the counter.

Here's a little slideshow I made!