DIY Macrame Kitchen Curtain

Now that all the holiday excitement is over I'm excited to get back to regularly scheduled programming here at LVC.

I always feel just a little depressed after Christmas do you? It's just so much preparation, shopping, music, decorating, etc. and then... bam, it's over 😢 I forced myself to work on a project today just to try and get over it and I will admit, I feel a little bit better!

Today I'm sharing the DIY macrame kitchen curtain I made. I only have a couple more small projects to do and then I'll be ready to share the final kitchen reveal!

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Supplies Needed

It only takes a couple of simple supplies for macrame! After that, it's all knots!!

To make a curtain like this, first measure your window, my kitchen window is 33 inches. The length you'll need for your window depends on how long you want the curtain to be. If you wanted to make your curtain the full 33 inches long then you would cut your rope into pieces that are 4 times that amount, so (33" x 4 = 132"). To convert that to feet divide by 12" so that would be 11 feet.

Since I didn't want my curtain to be the full length of my window I cut mine to 7 foot long pieces.

Tie the rope pieces onto the tension rod with a larks head knot.

Source: Macrame Lovers

I used 22 lengths of 7-foot rope.

Once I had the lark's head knots all finished I went ahead and put the tension rod up in the window and worked from there while standing on a stool. (Bonus! This is a great upper arm workout!! 😁)

Now tie a double square knot using two sets of rope.

Source: Amy Alessio

Continue tying double square knots. See the image below, now you will use the two ropes indicated with red arrows as the inside ropes and the two indicated with blue arrows as the outside ropes that you will use to tie the knots.

And continue until you are satisfied with the number and rows of knots.

I tied 5 rows of knots. Once you are satisfied, trim the ends to the length you want.

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I love the little touch of boho charm this macrame curtain adds to my kitchen 😊

And it was quick, easy, and inexpensive! I love that!


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