DIY Secret Book Safe

13 December
It's time for our monthly Thrifty Chicks challenge!

I gotta tell you though... after participating in the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop my creativity is a little zapped... naaahhhh, not really but I do need a little break!😊

I really look forward to our Thrifty Chicks challenge though so I wouldn't miss that!!

Today's challenge is books! There are so many things you can do with old books... like read them!!! Ha Ha!

I decided to make a little secret book safe!

How to make a secret safe from an old book!

I really love the covers on the old Reader's Digest books. There is a local thrift store that has boxes full of them, most still have the dust jackets on them and it's a little bit like a treasure hunt peeking under each jacket to see what the book covers look like!

I chose this pretty green one to make my safe.

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Supplies Needed

Start by opening your book to a spot where you want to create your secret safe. I went in 66 pages (totally random, it doesn't matter if you go 66 or 100 pages in).

Then measure and draw lines where you will begin cutting your pages. I measured in 1" on all edges and 1/2" on the inside edge.

Use the ruler or straight edge to begin cutting so you have a straight line. Use a sharp razor blade and push down so you can cut as many pages as possible at once. I am very impatient so I wanted to get this part done!

Once you determine how deep you want your hole, put the self-healing cutting mat under the pages so you don't cut through too far.

No matter how hard you try you will not end up with a perfectly straight inside edge, it's ok... go with it 😉

Once you have your area cut out and the edges cleaned up as good as you can, clamp the pages and use the Mod Podge to coat the edges, both inside the hole you cut and the outside edges of the pages.

The Mod Podge acts as a glue and glues your pages into a solid block.

Put waxed paper between this area and the top layer of pages (the 66 or 100 pages that you went into your book) so they don't get stuck together.

I originally clamped the glued pages to dry but then I realized that the clamps were leaving indentations on the pages so I took them off, closed the book, and set a bunch more books on top and let it dry.

Mine dried for about 11 hours while I was at work but it should only take about 30 minutes.

I decided to paint the inside of my safe with coordinating paint but you don't have to do this part.

I also added a piece of vintage velvet ribbon with a sewn on Butterfly charm for a fake bookmark.

Here is my collection of pretty Reader's Digest books... hmmm... I wonder which one is the safe!!

Oh! It's this one!

Looks like a normal book...

But it's a secret book safe!!

You could hide your jewelry, money, or special letters and pictures.

Just about anything and no one will be the wiser!

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  1. Cute project Tania. I love those Reader's Digests books too for the very reasons you do. Cute bookends!

  2. Lora BloomquistDecember 13, 2017

    Cute, easy project, Tania! Love your books and wish I could come for a visit to that thrift store! I can't get enough of these books-want them in colors for every season. We sold a ton of them at the store and of course I never kept enough for myself!

  3. Debra PashkowskyDecember 13, 2017

    I love this idea. I can see making it and using it as a way to wrap a special gift. Plus the pages you cut out will certainly be used for another project.

  4. Nancy CarrollDecember 13, 2017

    Great project and a fun place to hide something!

  5. Like drugs?!

    Just kidding!


  6. Thanks Debra! It would make a great gift box and of course the pages I cut out will be used for some future project!


  7. They are so pretty, I wish the spines were a little prettier though.


  8. Love your book safe Tania! Such a great way to store away some special treasures. I love those RD books too because I don't mind cutting them up because they're so plentiful.

  9. Thanks Tuula! It is a bit easier cutting them up... the covers is the only pretty thing about them really!


  10. When my daughter was in junior high I discovered by accident that she had made one of these while dusting her book shelf. After getting over the shock, I did think she came up with a pretty clever idea but that took awhile. lol

  11. Ha ha! That's funny Marie... hopefully there wasn't anything too bad stored in her little safe!


  12. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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