Top 12 Most Popular Posts for 2017

We are at the end of 2017... already, can you believe it!?

With the close of each year, I like to recap the top 12 most popular posts for LVC. These are the top viewed posts for each month of the year! There are a few in this roundup that shocked me with their popularity!

I was so happy to see that many of the most popular posts are the Thrifty Chicks challenges! If you are new here, the Thrifty Chicks' is a monthly project that some blogger friends and I do together. On the second Wednesday of each month, we share a themed upcycle project. It is lots of fun and so I'm glad to see that you enjoy them as well!

Let's get right into it, shall we?

A look back at the most popular posts for 2017

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January 2017 - Half Bath Redo - The Happiest Floors on the Block

This is my half bath floor that was created with vinyl, self-adhesive floor tiles. I am happy to report that these happy floors are still holding up great!

June - Trash to Treasure Repurposed Dining Chair

This was one of our Thrifty Chick's challenges... obviously with chairs! I think you'll be surprised at how cute this chair turned out... hint, it's not for sitting in anymore!

Another Thrifty Chick's challenge involving upcycling kitchen items! My little faux bot is still sitting on my kitchen windowsill!

September - Chalkboards in Any Color

You guessed it, this is another Thrifty Chick's challenge! In this post, I shared the product that will allow you to make chalkboards in any color of the rainbow!

October - 5 Things to Make With One Flannel Shirt

Thrifty Chick's strikes again!!!

November - Naked Button Globe - A DIY Globe Upcycle

Yep... Thrifty Chick's!!

December - 5 Fun Holiday Party Games!


That's it!!!

Happy New Year and here's hoping for a new year filled with more fun projects!!!