Cute Valentine's Day Decor With Recycled Jars!

20 January
Doesn't it seem to you like it's harder to find Valentine's Day decor that isn't geared toward children?

When I check the Valentine's Day section in the stores it is either filled with bags of candy and cartoon valentines for the kids to give out to their friends or it's just tacky, cheaply made things 😒

But it's easy to create some cute decor with recycled jars and it's cheap too... but not the kind of cheap as in tacky cheap 😀

Recycled glass jar valentines

I have a hard time throwing away cute jars, even though I recycle it's still hard!

Well, these three were so cute I couldn't bring myself to do it!

The jar on the far left was full of steak rub mix, the one in the middle is oui vanilla yogurt (have you tried this stuff?! It's delicious!) and the jar on the far right was some fancy little dessert from Costco, I can't remember what kind now.

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Supplies Needed

  • Recycled glass jars

Pink Heart Jar

Glitter Jar

Snow Globe Jar

Steak rub spice jar turned candle or candy holder

I used clear contact paper but really you could use any scraps of contact paper that you have lying around.

Cut out a bunch of hearts in varying sizes.

Put them around the outside of the jar making sure to rub them so they are securely fastened.

Remove any pieces of the jar you don't want to be painted.

And then give it a couple of coats of spray paint.

Once it's dry, remove the contact paper hearts. I used a push pin to carefully pull up the edge and then slowly removed them.

This one makes a pretty candle holder!

Or a candy container.

Yogurt Jar Turned Glitter Votive Holder

Cover the top part of the jar with masking tape.

Cover the bottom, untaped portion of the jar with Mod Podge.

Sprinkle glitter over the Mod Podge.

Remove the tape and you have a pretty little votive holder!

Costco Dessert Jar Turned Valentine Snow Globe

Trace around the jar opening onto a thin piece of cardboard and a piece of scrapbook paper. Glue those together to form the base.

Rub some glue over the tree branches and sprinkle with glitter.

I used a cute little deer but really any animal would be cute!

Glue the tree, deer, and a mini pink mushroom to the base.

Put a couple of pinches of faux snow in the jar, then glue the base to the jar and you have an adorable little Valentine snow globe!

These were really easy and fun to make and a great way to get some pretty Valentine's Day decor without spending a lot of money!


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  1. I can't decide which one I like the best--they are all so cute! Where did you get the Crystal Stars Glitter?

  2. Nancy CarrollJanuary 20, 2018

    They're all cute as can be! I think my favorite is the snow globe.

  3. Thanks Vikki! I don't think they make that glitter anymore. It's from Stampendous and I looked online everywhere and couldn't find it :(


  4. Thank you! My favorite is the glitter votive holder for some reason!


  5. They're all so cute Tania! I think my fave is the jar with the hearts. Isn't it funny how we all have a different favorite?

  6. I know... different strokes!


  7. Michelle LeslieJanuary 20, 2018

    They're all lovely Tania, but if I had to pick a favorite it would probably be the little deer cloche. She's adorable

  8. Thanks Michelle! I have a whole bunch of those tiny little deer. They are so tiny they don't work for many projects. I used one on the Christmas tags I made too:, it's almost at the end of the post and actually now that I'm looking at it that deer is even tinier!!



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