DIY Faux Concrete Hearts

I was visiting one of my favorite bloggers the other day and she had some of these zinc hearts on her coffee table.

When I first saw them I thought they looked like concrete and I thought "I could make those"!

So, today I'm sharing how to make faux concrete hearts... that might kinda look like zinc too! 😁

These would be fun to add to your Valentine's Day decor but they can also be left out all year!

DIY Faux Concrete Hearts

Make faux concrete hearts with Plaster of Paris!

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I knew I had seen plastic heart candy containers before so I headed to the Dollar Store to see if they had any... and they did!

Supplies Needed:
  • Plastic heart candy containers (you can get them HERE if your Dollar Store doesn't have them)
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Paint in the color of your choice
  • E6000 glue
  • Cooking spray

Sweet Tarts heart shaped candy containers

The first step is to open the hearts and EAT ALL THE CANDY INSIDE!! 😁

Mix up some Plaster of Paris following the mixing instructions on the bag. If you want your hearts to be grey (or any other color!) you can tint them by mixing in a few squirts of paint in the color of your choice.

tinting plaster of paris

Once you have the Plaster of Paris mixed up, lay the heart halves down flat and spray the insides with cooking spray. This will help get the hearts out once they have cured.

Fill each half all the way to the edge. Gently tap the filled hearts on your work surface to release any bubbles that may be trapped inside. You want the surface to be a smooth and level as possible.

filling heart shaped molds

Let them dry overnight, they will look something like this.

plaster of paris heart in mold

Once they are dried you can pop them out of the molds. I'll be honest, this can be a little difficult even with the cooking spray. You may need to run a knife around the edge to try and loosen them a bit. Just keep pushing on the back and pulling back on the sides, they will eventually pop out!

Plaster of Paris heart

If you want 3D hearts you can glue the two halves together.

gluing the hearts together to make a 3D heart

I made some 3D and I left some as just halves.

DIY faux concrete heart

basket of concrete hearts

I think they turned out really cute!

DIY concrete hearts

DIY cement hearts

I put them in a basket on my coffee table.

industrial hearts

basket of industrial hearts

I did try making some with a real concrete mix but they were a complete and utter failure. The concrete had too many pebbles in it and I got impatient and didn't wait long enough for them to dry and they broke when I tried to push them out of the mold... the Plaster of Paris hardens a LOT faster.

DIY Faux cement hearts

These DIY faux concrete hearts were really easy and fun to make! You could also make soap or candles in the heart-shaped candy containers!

How to make faux concrete hearts with Plaster of Paris!


handmade by amalia said...

This is clever, Tania. When I first saw them I wondered what you used for template.

Vikki B said...

This so clever! So far, I've completed the first step.........

Nancy Carroll said...

Cute! You could make pink or red ones using those colors of paint, too. Or paint some cute designs on them! Being a painter i view every surface for it's paintability!

VintageSouthernPicks said...

I love how they look fat and smooth. You did a good job on these Tania! Of course, my favorite part is eating all the candy inside, LOL.

Tania said...

Yep, all of those possibilities would be really cute!

Tania said...

Haha, well that IS the most important part!! Mmmmm, candy...project?? what project??

Tania said...

The candy was my favorite part too!!!

Tania said...

Thank you Amalia! Just the candy container was all I used!!

JoElle @ A Crafty Composition said...

I love this idea. Pretty sure I see some plaster of paris in my very near future! Thanks.

Tania said...

Yay, I'm glad you liked them JoElle!


Cecilia MyThriftStoreAddiction said...

So creative! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinning!

Tania said...

Thank you!

A Pretty Fix said...

Those are so cute! And you're right - they can be displayed at any time of year, not just Valentin's Day. Such a clever idea!

Tania said...

Thank you! My mind is overflowing with concrete ideas now! lol!

Debra Pashkowsky said...

These are so adorable. I am going to be trying this craft at some point very soon.

Tania said...

Thanks Debra!!


Linda Nelson said...

These are fab!

Tania said...

Thank you Linda!


GirlEm said...

Ahhh, sooo cute! It's a lil late for me to do Valentine's Day, but they have the same plastic things for eggs, and I have tons of plaster of paris having found it last yr on clearance .... Ok, for some stupid reason, this disqu site, has been typing extra letters, and this isnti the only page it's doing this on, and itsitWICKED annoying ... I didn't go backband fix this, so uusee what I'm dealing wothw. Ridiculous. Sorry, iIcantI I even finish what i came to comment bc it's taking forever to edit.

GirlEm said...

I noticed this the other day.... On a different blog that i commented on. The space bar adds extra letters... They REALLY needntonefixfthis nonsense (I did not type that mess, i I wrote they REALLY need to fix this...)

Tania said...

I'm so sorry you're having trouble with Disqus! Yours is the first I've heard of someone having this trouble. Have you reached out to them to see what might be causing it? I do appreciate the effort you went through to leave a comment though and I thank you for visiting! I was thinking of trying plastic eggs too!