Stay at Home Date Night Idea - Sponsored by Wayfair!

Stay at Home Date Night Idea - Sponsored by Wayfair!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Wayfair, all opinions are my own. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you might be trying to think of a fun, yet inexpensive date night idea. I'm here to help with a...

Stay at Home Date Night Idea!

You can avoid spending a lot of money, stay in your cozy home, and enjoy a fun date-night-in with fondue whether it be romantic candlelit fondue for two, fondue with friends, or a night of fun games and fondue with your kids!

Stay at Home Date Night Idea - Sponsored by Wayfair!

I found my cute little red fondue pot (perfect for Valentine's Day) from Wayfair to try fonduing... is that even a word?! I have never tried fondue so I was super excited!

red fondue pot

This fondue pot is cast iron so you can prepare whatever you are going to melt in your pot (whether it be cheese or chocolate) right in the pot on the stove and then transfer it to the fondue stand over the little burner to keep it warm.

Valentine's Day fondue date

I used this recipe from Rachel Ray: Heavenly White-Chocolate Fondue, since this was my first time, I wanted simple!

For the dipping items, I chose strawberries, raspberries, bananas, Peeps, pretzel rods, and mini Oreos.

Fondue dipping ideas

One of my favorite things to dip ended up being the mini Oreos!

White chocolate fondue

mini Oreo's in white chocolate fondue

mini Oreo dipped in white chocolate

My BF and I had fun testing this out but we almost made ourselves sick it was so fun and delicious!!

fondue ideas


I am so happy with this fondue pot and can't wait to try some cheese recipes! There are a lot of mouth-watering recipes at Food Network.

fondue date night

Wayfair graciously sponsored this post, have you ever shopped at Wayfair? If not they have so much awesome stuff, check them out here: Wayfair.

They were a big help with my kitchen remodel, I ordered my tile I used on the backsplash behind the stove, the cabinet and drawer pulls, and the sink grate for my new farmhouse sink from Wayfair!

Stay at home with a fondue date night!

Have you ever tried fondue?


Nancy Carroll said...

I don't remember ever trying fonduing---don't know if it's a word! But it sure looks yummy. The oreos don't look as inviting as those berries!!

Vikki B said...

Oh my goodness! heaven on a stick!

Tania said...

It really was!!

Tania said...

You've obviously never tried the white chocolate covered oreos you can buy in the store then!!

Vicky Hunt said...

How fun! I love fondue! I actually bought my daughter's boyfriend a fondue pot and cookbook for Christmas. There is a restaurant called the Melting Pot that has amazing fondue of all types. It is such fun to go there! I haven't been in a long time though. This little pot is too cute! I love Wayfair...that's where I bought my new bed frame. I've ordered rugs from them too. I'm home sick today and trying to make some visits to see all my blog friends. Have a happy Monday!

Tania said...

That restaurant sounds so fun! I loved the white chocolate but I'd like to try cheese too!


Mary Kalpos said...

Tania this looks like a great way to have a date night. Nothing like food to bring people together.

Tania said...

Right?! Especially if it's melty chocolaty goodness!!


Cecilia MyThriftStoreAddiction said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!