Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

I'm back with Treasure Trove Tuesday finds! Are you excited?!

It has been awhile, hasn't it? I just was getting behind on getting things listed in my shop so I decided to try and stay away from the thrift shops for a while.

I was semi-good... I picked up little something I couldn't resist here and there but not too bad. So today's TTT is actually what I have found over the last few weeks instead of just last week 😊

And if you are new, TTT is where I share my latest thrifting finds for my Etsy shop, Little Boho Cottage... and some to keep of course!

New finds for my Etsy shop!

Let's start with this vintage Avon California perfume bottle and box from 1976.

Someone had donated like a TON of old Avon bottles to the thrift store. Most of them don't appeal too much to me and I don't really think they would sell either.

But this one is just pretty!

Price $1.99, Value $10 - $12.

Thimbleville... 😂... isn't it cute? What a great display for a thimble collection!

Price $1.99, Value $15 - $20.

I love this little planter with bamboo shoots on it, there are no markings.

Price .99 cents, Value $12 - $14.

The colors on this basket are so pretty.

Price .50 cents, Value $12 - $15.

I think my mom will love this find... I love him too and he is like 2 inches thick!!

Price $3.99, Value $25 - $30 (if I can bear to part with him!)

These are for a project I have in mind. I've been collecting trivets like these and I think I might have enough... now I need to get busy!

Price .99 cents, keeping.

I've been collecting vintage colored glasses for my kitchen. Oh, and if you missed my kitchen reveal you can see that here: Updated 1960's Kitchen Reveal.

So, I have lots of vintage goblets but none that are just plain drinking glasses.

These were two for .99 cents, keeping!

And I am definitely keeping this!! I love it!

Price 3.99 (they knocked the price down $1 because one of the wicker scrolls is broken on the side.

It never hurts to ask if they will take the price down when the item is damaged, you never know unless you ask!

Check out this adorable bread box!!

It's a Beauty Box and the door opens to reveal a built-in cutting board! Cool right?!

Price $9.99, Value $50 - $60.

And an entire bolt of vintage fabric! My daughter actually found this and called me to see if I wanted it... ummm....YES!

It would be pretty to mix with other more modern fabrics and upholster a chair, kind of like THIS!

I can't quite make out the writing on the right side of the copyright symbol, can you?

Price $8.99 for the whole bolt, Value $10 - $12 a yard.

That's it this time around, did you see anything that you like?

If you haven't visited the shop in awhile, there are lots of new things listed, Little Boho Cottage!