Dollhouse Living Room - Scrapbook Paper Floor & Tissue Box Walls

07 February
Thanks to for partnering with me to bring you this dollhouse makeover post!

A few weeks ago I shared "The Littlest Vintage Cottage" with you and the exterior makeover which included new exterior paint and repairs and a sandpaper roof!

I have now started a little bit of the interior, we are starting this makeover in the living room where I have installed new flooring, painted the walls, wallpapered an accent wall, textured the ceiling, and installed crown molding and a staircase!

Dollhouse Living Room - Scrapbook Paper Floor & Tissue Box Walls

Dollhouse living room makeover details

First, let's take a look at the before of this room.

Dollhouse Living Room Before

I kind of went backward and laid the new floor first when I should have painted the walls first to ensure that I didn't get paint on the new floors. I was just so excited to see how the new floor would look!

Dollhouse scrapbook paper flooring

I used some cute scrapbook paper that looks like whitewashed wood boards!

Dollhouse living room floors

I might have actually squealed a little bit once this was down! 😁

Dollhouse Living Room

I found this adorable crown molding at I ordered two pieces of it and I think I have just enough to do the kitchen too!

This dollhouse has little strips of wood in the corners so I couldn't miter the crown molding very easily. I filled in the gaps with wood filler though and once it was painted you can't even tell!

Dollhouse crown molding

I painted the walls, crown molding, and the ceiling with some Country White chalk paint that I had.

Dollhouse makeover

Now, I want you to see this wallpaper I found on Etsy... it is normal sized wallpaper for a normal size house and I wanted to get this look in my little dollhouse...

Gold Leaf Wallpaper
Source: Betapet on Etsy
Now, get ready for something so amazing...

I found this wallpaper in dollhouse size... in the form of a tissue box!! YES!!! Not even a name brand tissue either... store brand! It's an EXACT MATCH!! Again, there may have been squeals of joy!

Dollhouse living room wall paper from a tissue box

I decided the tissue box would be a perfect accent wall so I cut it up and pieced it together on the wall! What do you think?

I am planning to have a fireplace on this wall as well and I think that will cover the seam perfectly.

Dollhouse accent wall with wallpaper

For the ceiling, I put the paint on super thick and used a round sponge pouncer thingy to get the texture. I pounced and twisted at the same time to get a texture similar to the ceiling in a rental I lived in once. 😊
Dollhouse ceiling texture

It's hard to photograph since it's white but I think you can see here.

Dollhouse ceiling

I installed a new staircase too. I used the Simple Stair Kit also from With this staircase, you can adjust it to the height you need. It comes with an extra step to add on if you need it. My house is a little bit smaller so I had to actually cut off a couple more steps.

dollhouse staircase

I stained the steps with Dark Burnt Umber.

Dollhouse staircase paint

Dollhouse staircase

The opening for the staircase was not quite big enough so I used my little multi-tool thing to cut the hole a little larger.


Dollhouse staircase opening

installing a dollhouse staircase

Dollhouse DIY staircase

I painted the stair risers white (I think I may add little numbers to them for a fun addition!)

Painted dollhouse staircase

So far I have opted to leave the railing for the staircase off. I may change my mind but this house is pretty small so I think the open staircase looks nice.

Installed dollhouse staircase

Dollhouse living room after

I'm really pleased with the progress so far in the living room, what do you think?

I'm excited to start on the fireplace and furnishings for this room!

Dollhouse plant

Dollhouse living room

Do you have a dollhouse you'd like to makeover? If not, has got you covered, they have some really cute little kits!

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  1. Nancy CarrollFebruary 07, 2018

    It's looking awesome! That tissue box find is amazing---who'd think you'd find the exact same design?

  2. That is so dang cute!! squeeee! Now I want a doll house too--it's like decorating your own home, but cheaper and instant satisfaction. You have such great ideas! Can't wait to see more.

  3. Aww, thanks Vikki! Heck yah! If I could wallpaper my walls with tissue boxes I could save tons of money! haha!


  4. Thank you! I was shocked too!


  5. Tania, I'm speechless! That is so darn cute! Love the stairs! Love everything about it! Can't wait to see what you're going to do with it next!

  6. Wow, I can't believe you found that fun pattern on a box is tissue. So Fun! Looking forward to seeing the fireplace!

  7. I know... of course as a tissue box it's nothing spectacular but as dollhouse wallpaper... well its just awesome!!


  8. Does this mean that I've redeemed myself after ditching the hearts?! ha ha!!


  9. I Linzey! I hope that's a good "wow" :o)


  10. Thank you so much! I've got so much fun stuff brewing in my head, can't wait to do some more!


  11. A Pretty FixFebruary 11, 2018

    Wow - love this! Such a creative project. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!


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