Living Room Makeover - Before Pictures and Mood Board

16 February
Since I finished my 1960's Kitchen Remodel and have taken a little breather, I am ready to start another room makeover!

Today I want to share the before pictures and my mood board for my upcoming living room makeover. Be forewarned, the only pretty picture in this post will be the mood board! This is real life, embarrassing as it may be at times 😬

Living Room Makeover - Before Pictures and Mood Board

I'll share the prettier picture first, this is my mood board.

Vintage Boho Eclectic Living Room Mood Board

I am planning to recreate the look of the old bricks on the big long wall that runs the entire length of the living room and dining room.

This wall here.

The beautiful blue duct tape is covering the hole that was left when I removed the old wood stove. I meant to patch it but never did because I covered it up with pictures, etc.

When I moved in I painted this wall dark grey thinking it would be a pretty accent wall. Problem is my living room is kind of dark and this dark wall isn't helping. The front of my house faces north and even though it has a large front window it is tinted (for some unknown reason) so that isn't helping either!

I have new white curtains for the front window.

I think the light colored brick will be a great accent and also help lighten up the room as well.

I am planning to paint the whole room a nice, creamy white to help reflect the light. I painted that large grey square on the wall awhile ago, here: Color Blocking a Wall to Frame a Picture.

While I love the idea, I kind of knew in my heart when I was doing it that it wouldn't work for me very long. I just like changing things up too much and now it's just a weird gray square on the wall that no one understands 😂 (The white splotches are holes that I filled in preparation to paint).

These are my new/vintage couches. I found them last summer at a garage sale and my parents bought them for me for my birthday. We got them for $60 I think it was.

The teal pillows in the mood board are my new accent color and they actually look great with the orange and brown of the couches!

I found the campaign dresser in this picture at a local 2nd Hand store for $60. I am planning to paint it with my teal accent color like the one on my mood board.

Ignore the blue painter's tape on the ceiling, I was marking where the studs are.

This corner where the front door and coat closet door are is very dark all the time. I'm planning to paint both doors.

And this is the wall next to the coat closet. The wallpaper on the mood board is going on this wall... at least that's the plan unless it looks like too much with the brick wall!

I'm planning to bring out the orange in the couch with some orange pillows and/or throw.

My dad will be here today to help me get started with the brick wall so hopefully, I'll be able to share the finished product soon!

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  1. Aww, you're so sweet Karen, thank you so much!


  2. Can't wait to see the finished room. Your planning/mood board is such a good idea and helps solidify your whole plan and keep you on track. BTW, I'm coveting your butterflies---love!

  3. Nancy CarrollFebruary 16, 2018

    It'll be awesome! I hope today goes well!

  4. Karen Plouchard GlennFebruary 16, 2018

    Always love your blog , you are so creative and energetic.
    Anxious to see how the wall looks when done.

  5. I love those butterflies too! I found them at a garage sale and the lady said her grandfather caught them on his world travels and mounted them in the box back in the 1950's. I have no idea if its a true story but I like it!!


  6. JoElle @ A Crafty CompositionFebruary 18, 2018

    Looking forward to watching the progress. I love the mood board idea - great way to stay focused.

  7. It's my first time creating an actual mood board, I have them in my head sometimes but haven't ever created in "on paper" so to speak.



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