Dollhouse Kitchen, Lighting and a Giveaway!

Thanks again to for partnering with me to bring you this dollhouse makeover post!

I'm back with another dollhouse update! To be more specific...

Dollhouse Kitchen, Lighting and a Giveaway!

You may remember the last post was on the living room floors and walls. I decided to move to the next room over and work on the kitchen this time. I also have some fun details to share that I think you'll really like! 😉

dollhouse kitchen lighting
Let's take a look at the kitchen space before.

Needs sprucing up eh?

Dollhouse Kitchen before

I decided to use this adorable White Medallion Panel Paper from for the kitchen ceiling. Isn't it cute?! It looks just like the old tin ceiling tiles in old houses!

dollhouse ceiling tiles

Here's a closeup.

dollhouse ceiling tiles closeup

The nice thing about this is it's paper so you can just cut it with scissors or a paper cutter to the size you need.

dollhouse kitchen ceiling

Next up was the floor!

I used scrapbook paper just like I did on the living room floor. It reminds me of little tiles how about you?

dollhouse kitchen floor

I would love to have a kitchen floor like this! 😃

dollhouse kitchen floor

Dollhouse kitchen after

I want to have some real lights in my dollhouse and they actually make whole wiring kits for dollhouses so you can wire the whole house much like you would a real house!

I wanted something a little simpler so battery operated lights are the answer! I chose the Hopewell White Barrel Hanging Light.

battery operated dollhouse light

These are magnetic so you can take them down to change the battery.

dollhouse battery operated pendant light

I used double-sided tape to attach the magnet to the ceiling and the pendant hangs from that!

Dollhouse kitchen pendant light

I don't have a kitchen table yet but I put the pendant light where I think the table might go. It'll be easy to relocate if I need to.

Dollhouse kitchen lights

Now, not all the lights have to be real, operating lights so I made a couple of cute non-working lamps for the living room.

They start with this...


Now, you might be thinking I've lost my mind! Let me explain... when I was little I had a dollhouse and my mom made an adorable little table lamp from beads and toothpaste caps for shades!

They do look like little lamp shades don't they?!

dollhouse lamp supplies

I attached the beads together (3 for each lamp) with hot glue.

Dollhouse lamps

Then put a dollop of glue in the toothpaste cap.

making dollhouse lamps with toothpaste caps

And stuck the stack of beads in it.

making a dollhouse lamp

I added some thin, round wood pieces to the bottoms for stability and voila!!! Cute little dollhouse lamps!

dollhouse lamps

dollhouse lamps

But I don't have any furniture in my dollhouse yet and I needed a place to put these little lights. So, I needed some little side tables!

I used some mini candle cups and some round wood pieces.

dollhouse side table pieces

I glued two candle cups together to make each table base.

making dollhouse side tables

I used some little wooden wheels on the bottom of the tables for stability.

side tables for a dollhouse

I glued the bottom and table top on.

dollhouse side tables

I painted the bases white and the top chocolate brown.

making dollhouse side tables

Now I have two little side tables and two adorable little lamps!

dollhouse living room lamps

I can't wait to get a little chair and couch made!

dollhouse tables and lights

You can see the dollhouse progress in these posts:

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Dollhouse kitchen and lighting


Vikki B said...

Tania--this is so darn cute!! I don't know which part I like best; they are all so clever. Your little lamps and tables are so creative. Can't wait to see more-----more, please.

Naomi Shelton said...

I love what you're doing with this little doll house. I have an old tin doll house I've been wanting to refurbish and now I'm really inspired! I'm gonna go over to the site and get more inspiration!

Tania said...

Thank you Naomi! It really is fun, I hope you'll find some things at that you like! :)


Tania said...

Thanks Vikki! My mom just brought me a box full of the old miniatures that were in my childhood dollhouse, sadly most them are too large. I've discovered that this dollhouse is a weird size so I'll be making most of the stuff that goes in it I think!


Tania said...

Hi Linzey! She took most of them back home with her since they wouldn't fit. The things that will work I'll be using and sharing :)

VintageSouthernPicks said...

Tania, you're incredible & so talented with all the things you think up & do! The little dollhouse lamps & tables are adorable, and love the floor covering & ceiling tiles!

Tania said...

Aww, thanks!


Michelle Leslie said...

I'm a little bit obsessed with miniatures Tania, okay maybe a lot obsessed. Love that ceiling and the idea of a miniature magnetic light fitting. So clever. And how brilliant is the idea of making table lamps with a toothpaste lid and beads. Love it!!!!

Tania said...

Thank you Michelle! It's easy to be obsessed... they are so cute!


Nova Manske Conover said...

so cool! i don't have a dollhouse (yet) but will probably make some of the lamps and tables anyway!!! ♥️

Tania said...

Oh yes, make some! You can always create just one room in an upcycled box until you can get a real dollhouse! In fact has room boxes so it's actually "a thing"!! :o)


Tania said...

Thank you Sarah! They are so, so easy!


Sarah Bingham said...

I love your lamps and table. Cute idea that I'm going to steal.

Krystal Pena said...

Omg my daughter would love this.

Anita said...

This is so cute....... love doll houses

Christina London said...

My daughter would love this so much m thanks for the chance.

Ae Minx said...

I have a friend who adores miniatures. I would surprise her with a few items for her dollhouse

Tania said...

All little girls young and old!!

Tania said...

Thanks Anita :)

Tania said...

You're welcome, good luck!

Tania said...

That would be so sweet! I bet she would love that!

Marie Blackburn said...

I have been wanting to do a dollhouse for over a year now. Seeing yours is just what I need to finally get started. Oh my gosh, those lamps!!!!