Two-Tone Campaign Dresser

22 March
I had a little gap in the progress when I got sick but I'm still working on my living room makeover... albeit, kind of slowly! But progress just the same!

Today I'm sharing my two-tone campaign dresser.

I found this dresser at a 2nd hand store for just $60 last fall, I use it for my TV stand.

In its original, as-found state it was a little worn and dated looking but I've given it a makeover to bring it more up to date.

campaign dresser redo

Here is a before shot. Sorry for the grainy pictures, this was from a picture of the whole living room and I had to zoom in on the dresser resulting in a grainy photo.

I get so excited to start on these makeovers that I sometimes forget about the before shots! 😔

campaign dresser before makeover

Here is another shot from farther away. Like that blue duct tape on the wall? That's all covered up now with my new faux brick wall! You can see those posts here:

vintage campaign dresser

I removed all the drawers (and hardware) and gave the dresser shell a good sanding and then painted it with about three coats of my living room wall color, Downy by Olympic One.

campaign dresser before

I sanded the drawers even more to remove as much of the original finish as I possibly could. It really came off quite easily with heavy grit sandpaper and my palm sander!

sanded dresser drawers

unfinished campaign dresser drawers

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Then I stained the drawers with Varathane Weathered Gray stain by Rust-Oleum. This stain is labeled as fast drying and let me tell you... it IS! I love that because I am so impatient!

two-tone refinished campaign dresser

I really like how you can still very faintly see the wood underneath the stain.

campaign dresser makeover

I didn't do anything to the hardware. I like it to have a little bit of patina to it... too bright and shiny and it wouldn't look right. But I've heard good things about Bar Keepers Friend for cleaning brass among other things!

painted and stained campaign dresser

vintage campaign dresser refresh

What do you think? Do you like the two-tone look?

two-tone dresser

making over a low-boy dresser

lowboy campaign dresser makeover

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  1. I love your two-tone look. Great job! And I like that you didn't make the hardware too shiny. I always enjoy your re-do's and finds. More, please.

  2. Thank you Vikki. I've got more comin' atcha!! :o)


  3. Nancy CarrollMarch 22, 2018

    I love it! 100% improvement from before!

  4. oh wow, you did that dresser a huge favor......I love the colors and how you decorated it! PINNING

  5. Thank you Christine!!


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