How to Turn Junk Mail Into Happy Mail!

23 April
OMG, can I just say I'm super excited about this post?!

Ok... I'm SUPER excited about this post!!! 😁

I have been working on a little behind-the-scenes project that I think will be SO. MUCH. FUN!

It's a challenge... a 5-week challenge... to recycle all that unwanted junk mail you receive...

Turn Junk Mail into Happy Mail!

Junk Mail Craft Projects

Here's how it works...

It's totally free! Once you sign up to join the challenge I'll send you an email once a week, for 5 weeks. Each week will be a new tutorial for a project to recycle that junk mail and you'll have all week to work on it and add your own spin!

Don't worry, if you're already subscribed to the LVC newsletters, subscribing to join the challenge won't cause you to get the regular newsletter emails twice and once the challenge is over you'll go back to just receiving those weekly chit-chat emails!

If you are NOT already subscribed... why not?! Kidding 😉 You will be added to the regular subscriber list once the challenge is over but if you decide you don't want to receive those emails you can always unsubscribe... I hope you don't... but you can!

Now, are you excited to take all your junk mail and get crafty with it? 

The pile below looks oddly pretty doesn't it? But we all know, it's not really... well not until you get started with these projects anyway!!

DIY junk mail projects

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